Amy Wolff Interiors offers custom window treatments, plus interior design and decorating solutions with concierge-level service. Professional result, no drama! Get the results you dream about…coming home to an inviting space that enhances your lifestyle, a place that feels good to you.

Custom Window Treatments & Bedding Ensembles

Gorgeous fabric and decorative treatments suited to your lifestyle.

Design and select all components and materials, as well as collaborate with contractors and installers.

Design and Decorating Consultations

Color Scheme & Materials Planning

Paint color selection, wall treatments, and flooring selections.

custom window treatments services
interior design and decorating solutions

Room Arranging/Space Planning

What goes where, and how to maximize functionality.

Home Furnishings, Accessories & Art Recommendations

Custom-made items or in-stock, “off the floor,” and everything in-between.

Outdoor “Room” Decorating

Just as important as your indoor spaces.

Whatever I Forgot!

If you don’t see it here, call and ask how we can help with your project.

If you are like most of our clients, you don’t have the time, desire, or skill to do an interior design project yourself – or don’t know where to begin. You recognize that comfortable interiors are a necessity, not a luxury. You have moved beyond the “do-it-yourself” mindset and recognize the value of working with professionals. The outcome you are looking for is to feel good about your home, maximize its potential, and have it done! Picture how it will feel in your beautiful, completed space; we can make that happen!

Enhance Your Living Space!

We have the option to set up an in-home consultation or a virtual appointment.