Custom Upholstered Furniture
in Scottsdale, AZ

Yes, we provide custom upholstered furniture! Sofas, sectionals, armchairs, swivel chairs, recliners and motion furniture, chaise lounges, beds, ottomans, office chairs,  banquettes, benches, and outdoor cushions!

We will also re-upholster your treasured furnishings. Amy Wolff Interiors will design to suit your space and comfort with luxurious, durable fabrics – pet-friendly stain repellant fabrics, leather, faux leather, and suedes!

We have local, highly skilled manufacturers who produce our designs flawlessly, in reasonable time frames, with minimal white glove delivery costs. We control the entire process to ensure you are delighted with your custom pieces!

We are also known for never using your chosen fabric for anyone else’s design! This is a client FAVORITE – your custom design is only yours!

Award-Winning Designer For The Best Upholstery In Scottsdale Area

Amy Wolff is an award-winning professional interior designer with over 20 years of experience in upholstery for new homes, remodeling jobs, and interior decor changes. Amy is a certified decorator and uses a revolutionary program to show you exactly what your finished products will look like before she starts to work on your furniture upholstery.

You can have custom furniture reupholstered to match custom window treatments to tie all your elements into one room. You can order new items with upholstery fabric, or you can choose to update an older piece that is a family heirloom. Our expert team also does repairs on upholstered items, and we also offer custom bedding to match your draperies and settee. We only carry the highest quality fabrics for your projects, and we have thousands of choices, so you are sure to find something you absolutely love!

Benefits of concierge-level service include custom upholstered furniture made locally, offers greater production control, the exact design and comfort level you desire, reduced lead times, significantly lower delivery/freight charges, etc., and provides a one-of-a-kind pieces made precisely for you.

Reupholstery provides new life to a treasured piece of furniture – updating the fabric, style, colors, and comfort of your lifestyle today.

Amy Wolff CID

About Amy Wolff

Amy Wolff began her career in marketing communications and advertising before pursuing her passion for interior design. As a certified interior decorator (CID), she received national recognition as an interior decorating professional. Put the design of your home in good hands by calling us at (480) 683-0200.

Exceptional Custom Furniture Upholstery Services

Choosing an expert designer for your upholstery needs guarantees that you will have a durable, beautiful product and something you will be proud of. Interior designers are educated in many areas, such as the flow of a room, how it complements other spaces in your home and how to make your home comfortable, but also include that WOW look to it as well. We believe that customer service is the key to our success in creating beautiful work for any and all rooms of your home. Call Amy Wolff Interiors, design consultant, at (480) 683-0200 today to schedule an in-home consultation or virtual appointment to discuss all of your custom furniture upholstery needs.

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