Flat Fee Structure – What Sets Us Apart

Interior design association studies show that almost 80% of clients prefer a flat fee…yet less than 10% of designers offer one.

The most uncomfortable question for clients to ask is, “What will this cost?”

Yet, this is most clients’ #1 concern. Many are afraid to contact us because they perceive interior designers are “too expensive.” Others are concerned that the fees are a mystery, their wishes won’t be met, or that they may be overcharged. Would you feel more confident in your project if you knew what the investment would be before we started?

Amy Wolff Interiors does not invoice by the hour for most projects. Instead, Amy provides an all-inclusive, flat fee based on your individual project requirements.

How does this work?

We start with an initial phone conversation – discussing your goals, dreams, wants, needs. If we agree to proceed together, we meet in-person and further assess your project. It is very important to establish an investment level that is comfortable for you as early as possible, so that we can establish a plan that works best for your situation.

This unique flat fee system saves time and adds value to your project: you don’t have to be concerned about the hourly meter running and we don’t have to devote a lot of time to paperwork. You know what “things” are going to cost and we both know how I am going to be compensated.

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Purchasing Furnishings

Amy doesn’t typically sell furniture, tile, lighting, or other readily available home furnishings. You may purchase items from anyone you choose – or use Amy’s recommended vendors – who often pass designer discounts on to our clients. All components of your project will be specified in the design proposal – our compensation is based upon how much or how little service you choose – and sharing our ideas (or intellectual property) not on buying products. Amy doesn’t generally take her clients out “shopping.” Usually, we bring samples to you to view in your own environment. If there are items that require you to visit a showroom or store for final selection, we will do that in a manner that respects your time.

When fully custom items such as window treatments, light fixtures, furniture, or other furnishings are required, Amy also provides an all-inclusive fee that includes the design, materials, delivery, and installation.

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Sample Fees

Every project is as different as every person – each with unique characteristics and features. These are strictly samples fees based on previous projects. Every project is quoted in advance to your specific situation.

Single In-home Consultation – This can be for any project you may have in mind. One area? Whole house? Paint colors? You name what advice you may need. We typically have a phone discussion about your needs, visit your home for 1-1/2 to 2 hours, help develop a plan for you to follow, and include a few follow-up calls or emails. $750 – $975.

Multiple Consultations – This is often for the design or shopping enthusiast who needs a combination of in-home and remote help with their project, to make certain that they are making informed selections. We determine the amount of time to be scheduled in advance and serve as your “Design Coach.” $1,800-$3,500

Kitchen/Master Bath Remodel Material Selections – Material selections may include cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tile, paint colors, plumbing/lighting fixtures, appliances, etc. $8,500-$25,000

New Construction Material Selections – Material selections for a new build home are based upon the number and quality range of the selections. $6-$9 per square foot

Home Furnishings Recommendations/Floor Plans – For those who need help with planning the layout of the room and/or selecting furnishings that suit your lifestyle. $3,500-$20,000 per room

Custom Window Treatments, Furniture, Lighting – Custom quotes are required. We are happy to provide a ballpark estimate prior to any commitment on your part. This also helps us to respect your budget comfort level and recommend suitable solutions.

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We have the option to set up an in-home consultation or a virtual appointment.