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Why You Should Decorate Your Master Bedroom First!

Simply put…because it is the room you actually do spend the most time in.  We spend one third of our time in bed.  Then another hour or two preparing for the day or preparing for bed.  So out of 24 hours in a day – most people spend 7-10 hours per day in their master bedroom and bath!

Take Care of YOU!

It is very common for us to think that we need to first decorate the rooms that our guests see.  I hear this a lot – “We really need to do the dining room first, then I’d like to re-do the bedroom when I get a chance.”  So when helping you to prioritize your projects, I usually ask…do you entertain every week, every month, or only at the holidays?  You can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself.

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Your bedroom should be a comfortable sanctuary.  You work hard, play hard, and deserve a place of comfort, ease, functionality, and pampering.  In today’s plugged in world, this isn’t selfish – it is a necessity.  Without proper rest, we don’t function at the level we need to.

Tips to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

I’ve broken these down in categories to help you start.


  • Get the best bedding and sheets you can afford. One excellent set of high quality sheets may cost 3 times more, but will last 10 times longer.   Well-made linens DO last longer.
  • Determine what temperature is most comfortable. Do you like the room warmer or cooler? Do you need a ceiling fan for air movement?  What weight comforter or bedspread do you like, or none at all?
  • Pay attention to natural lighting. Do you need complete darkness to sleep – or do you enjoy waking up naturally with the sun?  This will help to determine appropriate window coverings for your bedroom.
  • Think about color. Usually I will tell you to choose paint colors last.  This is still true.  But I want you to consider the color scheme for comfort purposes.  Blues and greens are restful.  Red can be too stimulating for the bedroom.  Corals, yellows, whites and grays are all fine if you use warm tones vs. cool tones.  Black and golds or silvers can be very elegant.


  • What furnishings do you need? Well obviously, a bed.  But functionally, we also need to consider night stands or bed side tables, and storage for clothing.  Do you also need a chair or chaise for reading?  Storage for books?   A television?  I know, I know…lots of designers will tell you no TV in the bedroom.  I find that just isn’t practical.  Most people do like a TV in their bedroom.  It’s OK.  It’s your bedroom!
  • The number ONE mistake I see in master bedrooms is bed side lamps that are too short.  These should be at least 35” tall.  The light source should always come from over your shoulder height, not your waist!   Put those cute little accent lights on the dresser or on a foyer table.
  • Do your pets sleep in the master bedroom?  Do they sleep on the bed or on the floor?  If on your bed (it’s OK – we all LOVE our pets), get washable bed covers.  If on the floor, get the fur kids nice washable beds, too!


  • This is where the actual decorating FUN part comes in. Think about what type of look you like.  Is it casual, elegant, modern, traditional?  What types of fabrics make your heart sing – faux suedes, linen, embroidered patterns, textures?  Since this room is separate from the rest of the home, you CAN go with a bit different style or color if you want!
  • What is your budget? Can you go for full custom window treatments and bedding, some things custom, local retail, internet, a mix of all the above?  The choices are endless.  I can help you evaluate what makes sense for your situation.

What’s Hot & What’s New?

Here are the trends I am seeing in Arizona

  • Carpet is OUT! Just about everyone who calls me to help with their master bedroom wants to get rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting.  Hard floors – either tile, wood, or even concrete – are what people want because it is easier to keep clean.  See ”Hardwood” Tile Is In.
  • Drapery is IN. For years, Arizona homeowners have wanted top treatments, valances, or cornices to dress up their shades, blinds or shutters.  For the last 2 years, I have been getting more requests for draperies again!  Some want fully functioning, traversing draperies; some want stationery panels for some added luxury.  The master bedroom is a good choice for drapery – it helps with privacy and heating/cooling – and doesn’t require the maintenance of a kitchen or family room.  The softness of draperies also helps to reduce the “echo” caused by hard floors when you remove the carpeting.  See Custom Window Treatments Can Transform Any Room.
  • Cleaner, Modern, Transitional, Spa, Eclectic are in! These are the descriptive words I am hearing from most clients.  They want to de-clutter, lighten up, make things less fussy – but at the same time want to mix in treasured keepsakes and other items that have great meaning to them – and to feature these favorite items where they can enjoy them every day – creating a very personal, meaningful look.  See my Rooms portfolio page for some ideas – I have lots more that aren’t even there yet!

Need help with your Master Bedroom? Call me with your questions – (480) 683-0200 – I am happy to help!

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