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Your Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Window Treatments Scottsdale

How to Dress Your Bathroom Windows in Style

If you have a master bathroom that is quite spacious, you will want to have a stylish appearance in the windows to complement all of your furnishings and decor. There are several do’s and don’ts that will help you to make a great decision. 

Here is Your Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Window Treatments in Scottsdale

Some window treatments make more sense than others in a bathroom. Many of the items that can steer your choices are how the bathroom is oriented, where the windows are placed, and if you have a built-in or free-standing bathtub. You can choose from a huge variety of products including custom drapery panels, shades of many types in the modern flat fabrics, and more. This guide can teach you how to create the exact atmosphere you desire in your bathroom with stand-alone treatments as well as layered treatments.

Relaxing Atmosphere with Roman Shades

There are several types of Roman shades from which to choose. The flat Roman shade only shows folds when the shade is raised and otherwise, when it’s lowered, it appears flat. Knife pleat Roman shades are more structured and they eliminate the need to dress them when lifted as some like to do with flat Roman shades. The soft fold shade is also called a hobbled Roman shade and it displays beautiful soft folds both when the shade is up or down. 

On narrow bathroom windows, Roman shades work best with only one shade in it, and on wider windows it can add lots of interest to have multiple shades in the one large window. If your bathroom already has quite a bit of color in it, such as painted cabinets, you will most likely want a sort of neutral shade. If your bathroom is mostly neutral, you can add some whimsy with a fun print to lighten the mood and bring out your personality. It’s a good idea to add a liner to your Roman shade of choice to protect the fabric from the hot summer sun and deterioration and maybe use a light-filtering shade instead of a blackout Roman shade.

A Complementary Combo: Drapery Panels and Balloon Shades

If you have a bank of several windows together in your bathroom, you can use decorative drapery panels that are on the outside of the bank of windows and add a custom balloon shade at the top that spans the entire bank of windows. You should go for an ample amount of fabric in the drapery panels for it to lay softly on the sides of windows and complement the gathered and soft balloon folds at the top. This works wonderfully as a backdrop for your other decorative items in your bathroom. If your bank of windows is above the bathtub, keep in mind this idea will only work with a free-standing tub that is not next to the wall, which would require shortening the drapery panels, and give you a chopped-off and odd appearance.

Balance Straight Lines with Fixed Balloon Shades

If your bathroom has a lot of straight lines such as long, marble countertops and marble floors, you can balance your bathroom by adding a fixed balloon shade with color and a pattern. This works best in a bathroom where no one can see inside your windows and privacy isn’t an issue for you. The best orientation for your fixed balloon shades is to hang them high above the top window trim so you can still open and close your window. The series of soft swoops add sophistication and a relaxed but still formal feel to a room. You should make certain that the fabric you use can hold up to the humidity in a bathroom.

Block Heat and Light with Roller Shades in Scottsdale

When you install roller shades in a bathroom, they give you great light-blocking abilities and insulate your windows against the sizzling summer heat in Scottsdale, AZ. A piece of thick linen fabric will add texture and interest to your bathroom decor. You can choose any type of fabric to relay the mood as anything from vintage to modern or anywhere in between. If your window is above your bathtub, you should consider a cordless option to appear neat and crisp without dangling cords to disrupt your decor.

Creating a Spa Feel by Creating Zones

In a spacious master bathroom, you can create different zones for a feel of a luxury spa. This is created by hanging a heavy fabric on drapery rods with decorative rings to create a niche for your vanity area when it’s closed and another hung to separate your dry areas from your wet areas. For example, your shower and tub are a wet zone and the bathroom countertops are a dry zone as such is a closet if you have closets in your bathroom. The oversized drapery panels that hang from the top of the wall or on the ceiling will add privacy to your master bathroom while also creating a luxurious spa-like experience.

Balance your Lines with Sheer Roman Shades

You can enlist Roman shades fabricated from sheer linen with a beautiful embroidered print to give you the softness associated with a part garden room and part spa room. This idea is best for heavy bathroom cabinetry and ornate tile to soften the lines and add a more neutral touch to an otherwise heavy appearance. Sheer Roman shades will allow some light to filter in from the windows, but they still give you bathroom privacy from outside. 

Showcase Your Arched Windows

Arched windows are a designer’s delight when it comes to window treatments. The architect added these to your bathroom as a sort of focal point. The best way to dress your arched windows is to enlist the help of cafe draperies. It will draw the eye to the delicate archway and showcase it in all its glory as the main focal point in a bathroom. You achieve this by covering the window just below the bottom of the arch and down to the bottom of the window with drapery panels. In order to get the right appearance, you should think about using simple rings on the header and a simple and thin drapery rod for the best results so you don’t take attention away from your beautiful arch.

Privacy for Mater Bathtubs

If you have the modern design of a built-in bathtub with windows on three sides of it, you can create privacy with drapery panels in either beautiful designs or basic, solid colors. When your bathtub is oriented like this, it’s generally in a two-story or higher window or in an area of your home where privacy is no issue to the outside world. You can choose some fabric that is delicate to soften the straight lines in your bathroom and open the drapery panels for a breathtaking view of the outdoors. You might consider using blackout drapery panels if you need privacy, but it’s important to remember that they only allow light in when open. In the middle of the day, when closed, it could make your bathroom very dark.

Go For a Romantic Appearance with Lace

If you have a bathroom with a rather small window in it, it looks great to add some romantic lace to your window coverings. The lace is soft and flowing and it naturally filters light for you. You can consider hanging a lace drapery panel from a tension rod inside of the window frame so you don’t detract from the softness you’ve added. This idea works great in modern bathrooms with a shower in subway tile and gray or neutral walls.

Unifying Multiple Windows

This is a great design feature for windows that surround a free-standing bathtub on two or three sides, especially if the windows don’t extend down past the top of the bathtub. You can use cafe curtains on the bottom half of all of the windows while treating them as one. This is done by using specialized curtain rods that both fit very closely together at the corners of your windows and appear to be one drapery rod. Instead, you can use drapery rods that have curves in them to fit in the corners where the windows adjoin with each other. This method of dressing windows accents the window grids and works really well with a simple semi-sheer drapery fabric, most often in a subdued shade. 

When you choose to have custom fabricated window treatments, you have decided to give yourself the largest selection possible in choices of fabrics, patterns, colors, and textures as well as shades in many styles. Custom window coverings mean that your window coverings are guaranteed to fit any window no matter the style or size. You have many styles to choose from to match your decor and style with a window covering that gives you privacy, light control, and the WOW factor you crave.

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