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Top Treatments or Valances Add a Touch of Elegance To Any Room

For a finished appearance on custom window treatments, you should consider adding top treatments or valance from a window design store in Scottsdale. Window valances add some extra flair to your windows while they hide curtain rods and other drapery or window treatment hardware. They may be paired with short cafe curtains, drapery panels, or other soft treatments to add a layered effect to your windows, so they stand out as a custom design.

Most valances are made with a rod pocket and installed using a standard drapery rod, but they can also be fabricated into board-mounted valances that can also be installed on curtain rings or holdbacks. You can also have more traditional top treatments when you choose an upholstered cornice.

Styles of Valances

Merriam-Webster describes valance or top treatments as “a short drapery or wood or metal frame used as a decorative heading to conceal the tops of draperies and fixtures.” This description does not do justice to all of the fantastic choices in designer fabrics with many styles from which to choose.

1. Rod Pocket Style.

Rod pocket styles are sewn as a straight piece of fabric with a rod pocket header. There is generally about 2 inches of fabric on the top of the pocket for an added flair in your design. You can have them straight and flat on the top of the rod pocket and down the length for a simple appearance with no gathers. Another option is to have a rod pocket valance with ample fabric and lots of fullness in soft folds. This gives the appearance of ruffles on the top of the rod pocket with soft ruffles and folds down the length of it. The extra fabric adds volume and softness to your windows.

2. Swag Style.

The swag valance style adds a more feminine approach to your windows. It is generally made with a rod pocket heading, and the fabric hangs down longer on the sides of it and is shorter in the middle. An added touch is to have ruffles on the bottom hemline to accentuate the shape and its softness.

3. Ascot Style.

The ascot style valance is similar to the swag style, but it has three or more points on the bottom hemline of the fabric that are spaced evenly across the width of the window. Ascots may also have gentle curves at the bottom hemline instead of being pointed. The curved styles are more feminine, whereas the pointed styles are more formal.

4. Scalloped Style.

The scalloped style valance from a window treatment store in Scottsdale is similar to the swag and ascot style, usually with a rod pocket header. It has several soft scallops on the bottom hemline that are full and hangs down in a sophisticated style.

5. Balloon Style.

The balloon-style valance is made by gathering fabric together and attaching it upward to create voluminous rounded shapes on the bottom hemline for the ultimate in softness and delicacy.

Although the scarf valance is the simplest of all valances, it gives your windows a striking effect. They may be used as a standalone window treatment in windows that don’t get a lot of heat and sunshine or as top treatments in a layered effect. The scarf is simply fabric that is gathered and hung over the outside edges of a drapery rod to hang downward. It can be any length you wish, and it can also be longer on one side than the other. Because the scarf valance doesn’t cover the hardware and drapery rod at the top of the window, you can select elegant drapery rods that are heavier, more elaborate, and have finales on the ends.

Window Cornices

The addition of a cornice for window treatments and design solutions in Scottsdale to use as a top window treatment adds a touch of elegance and formality to any room. This can be fabricated in any shape you wish and there are many styles to choose from.

1. Classic Style Cornices.

The classic cornice is straight across the top of your window treatments on both the top and bottom of it, and it works well for any pattern or stripe. You can add flat trim or a contrast welt when you order the classic style in a custom pattern.

2. Stepped Cornices.

A stepped design adds a lot of interest to a space, and this style is very popular with the addition of decorative trim. The raised border cornice echoes the pattern along the bottom of the cornice for a work of art. You can choose cornices with beautiful patterns of symmetrical points that dip on the sides and have graceful curves on the bottom or any number of patterns with dips and flows of your fabric. You can add a lovely welt to highlight the perimeter of your cornice as an accent or use a larger welt size for a big and bold statement piece that goes great with larger windows.

Need Help With Top Treatments?

In Scottsdale, a city known for its luxurious and upscale style, incorporating top treatments or valances into your interior design can take your decor to the next level. With a wide range of high-end interior design stores, designers, and architects, the city offers a variety of options to choose from, whether you’re looking for modern and contemporary designs or classic and traditional ones. Overall, interior design in Scottsdale is a testament to the city’s unique culture and style, which continue to inspire designers and homeowners alike.

The list of valances and top treatments to complete your window treatments is very extensive, and you are sure to find a style that you truly love. Contact Amy Wolff Interiors as your premier, award-winning interior designer and decorator in Scottsdale for the most custom options available.

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