Top Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2022

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Your kitchen is a versatile space that should make cooking and entertaining fun and easy. If you’ve ever considered redecorating or renovating your kitchen, 2022 could be the right time to take the plunge. 2022 brings new kitchen decor ideas that will elevate your interior.

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1. Mid-Tone Green Colors

One of the most notable kitchen decor ideas is the rising popularity of muted, mid-tone greens. These tones work well with neutral colors, incorporating color among black appliances and hardware or creating a calm atmosphere. Green marble is an eye-catching choice for countertops in 2022.

Colored cabinetry is a bold addition to a plain white kitchen. While bright emerald green has been a past trend, muted colors are easier to include in your kitchen’s interior design. They stand out less than jewel-tone greens but still fit the overall aesthetic.

2. Quirky Tiles

2022 brings new backsplashes with textured materials and new tile shapes. Consider alternatively shaped tiles as part of your kitchen interior design in St. Louis. While the classic subway tile is still popular, hexagonal tiles and similar geometric tiles give homeowners more individuality.

If you’re looking for a subtle way to change your kitchen’s design, swap your plain backsplash for stone slabs or new tile shapes. Marble tiles will create an elegant look, while a mosaic tile backsplash is versatile enough for classic and modern aesthetics.

3. Vintage Styles

People are tired of the same plain kitchen decor ideas. The colorful, bold 1950s interior design style is becoming popular in 2022. With custom-made kitchen furniture also gaining popularity, 2022 brings back the same aspects of interior design as the 50s.

Combining vintage color palettes with retro furniture and customizable appliances means you can create the vintage kitchen of your dreams. Retro shades of baby blue will create openness in a small kitchen. Charcoal grey and deep green are also popular in vintage styles, but any candy colors will create a vintage look.

4. Seamless Backsplash and Counter

Those looking for clean, modern kitchen ideas should consider a seamless backsplash and countertop in 2022. While past bold color trends strain the eyes with many different patterns and materials, a seamless countertop installation interrupts busy designs while adding a minimalistic touch.

A seamless backsplash and counter also work in classic designs. By using the same material for your backsplash, you already have a suitable color or pattern that fits with the rest of your kitchen.

5. Black Hardware and Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been popular for years. In 2022, black dishwashers and refrigerators will be in style. Black gives kitchens a sleek, modern vibe and looks great with many different interior design styles.

Black hardware and accents are also a new kitchen trend in 2022. Black accents give a personal touch without disrupting the color scheme. Upgrade your metal cabinetry handles and sink faucet with black hardware for a polished look.

6. No Upper Cabinets

A consistent trend interior designers see is the need for an open layout that eliminates closed storage. Homeowners in 2022 are prioritizing kitchen aesthetics over storage. This way, they are less inclined to keep items they don’t need.

Removing the upper kitchen cabinets gives more open space for the eyes to rest. Maximalist kitchens with patterned floors, bright cabinets, and textured backsplashes can fatigue the eyes quickly. You can install windows in place of cabinets to increase light in a dark kitchen.

7. Customizable Appliances

In 2022, custom manufacturing will be easier than ever. Homeowners can select all the features they want for kitchen appliances and get them custom-made to the necessary dimensions. Modern kitchen decor is at its peak between custom-designed cabinetry and exclusive integration options for appliances.

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