New Build Home: When to Bring in a Window Covering Specialist?

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Choosing new build home window treatments is an important part of a new home. When you are building a new home, selecting the features of your new home is very exciting. When deciding on appliances and paint for your home, you can also start selecting your custom window treatments to tie in with all your other elements. There are many questions to answer to choose the perfect window treatments for your new build home and remodeling in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When is the Best Time to Contact a Window Covering Specialist?

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When you are building a new home or remodeling, it’s a good idea to choose window treatments at the same time as paint colors to match your window coverings to your color palette. The fabric, hardware, and materials of your window treatments add beautiful style elements throughout your home.

You can start thinking about what type of window coverings your want and choose them early in the building process, so when you’re ready to move it, you already have your window treatments professionally installed. You can also consider custom upholstered furniture to match your window treatments for a significant impact.

Our dedicated window covering specialist at Amy Wolff Interiors is always here to help you with your new build home and custom window treatments for your remodeling projects.

Enhance Your Living Space!

We have the option to set up an in-home consultation or a virtual appointment.

What is The Design Theme of Your Home?

The exterior of your home and the decor style inside of your new home contributes to the overall design theme. There are many different home exteriors, and they may be one particular style or a combination of more than one. Some typical homes are modern, contemporary, industrial, traditional, and transitional. Choose the inside decor style that matches your home’s exterior for a cohesive home.

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How Much Privacy Will You Need?

Your privacy levels will vary from one room to another. Homes on the street level need more privacy because it’s easier to see in the windows from passersby so you will want privacy in your downstairs windows. If you are selecting window treatments for a window in the rear of your home and no one can see inside, you will still want window coverings, but they can be sheerer.

Also, take into account how close your neighbors are to your home. If you have a good amount of property, then privacy won’t be as much of an issue as if your next-door neighbor is close to you. If you look out your windows and see people on the street or your neighbor’s windows, you will need privacy in those windows.

Why Are Custom Window Treatments So Important?

Your custom window treatments should look lovely but also give you several benefits. They provide you with privacy, especially in your bathrooms and bedrooms. You get sun protection to protect your new flooring and furnishings from fading or aging prematurely.

You should invest in energy-efficient window treatments to save money on your heating and cooling costs all year round. And your window treatments add a lot of style and personality to your windows.

How to Decide Between Shades or Drapes

Window shades and drapes are two of the most popular window treatments. The shape and size of your window can help you decide which will look best.

Custom window shades look great in small windows, bay or bow windows, and windows that are high in a room. Drapes significantly impact your home in windows that are both tall and wide and in multi-sectional windows.

Modern window treatments do not need to be the same product throughout your new home or even in one room. You can use more than one type of window treatment and add layers of hard and soft window treatments for excellent results while adding privacy, sophistication, and dimension. You can also set up motorized window treatments to give you greater control over your home.

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Be Consistent for the Big Picture

The separate rooms of your new build home should flow together. This can be accomplished by choosing similar color palettes for all the rooms. Your pleat styles in drapery panels are also important. It would be best to stick to the same pleat style in all the draperies throughout your home, so they don’t look mismatched.

The same is valid with your hardware choices. They should be of the same finish to complement each of your rooms. They each give off a very different vibe. For example, a matte black drapery rod is a bit rugged and soft, but a brass drapery rod is more glamorous and bright.


At Amy Wolf Interiors, our expert interior designer and decorator in Scottsdale have over a decade of experience dressing windows in style. We offer an in-home consultation, and we give you many different options from which to choose.

We can also create any custom window covering you wish, such as draperies, shades, blinds, and motorized window treatments.

Contact Amy Wolf Interiors today to schedule your in-home consultation!

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