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Motorized Shades Evolution: Where Innovation Meets Beauty

The Exciting Transformation of Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are not a new concept at all, but most people don’t realize Comfy systems were invented in 1969 and have undergone many changes to get to the exciting product as we see it today. Motorization is very popular in our area and it will continue to grow.

It may have taken about 50 years to perfect the Somfy motorized shades systems, but it is certainly worth the wait for such an astounding product. This product was developed as a tubular motor for lifting and lowering blinds and has been upgraded many times to arrive in this era.

The Founding Of Somfy

Somfy was founded in 1969 in France to revolutionize the comfort of our homes. The tubular motor was created for blinds and then the technology expanded to rolling shutters. In 1969, distribution subsidiaries were formed in the Netherlands, the United States, Switzerland and Italy.

In 1981, Somfy designed the Somfy Matic, a small box that could adjust blinds according to the weather. This is the foundation for the operating systems of today while incorporating them into a smart home system.

Subsidiaries continued to flourish in Japan, Australia, Spain and Belgium. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Somfy spread to Europe, the Middle East, India and Korea. The Somfy brand continued by leaps and bounds to fulfill two distinct demands: energy performance of homes and buildings and the comfort of the occupants.

The Somfy Systems of Today

Today’s era of the smartphone has allowed many technological advances in operating your window coverings. You can control your motorized shades with the touch of a button on your smart phone or program times when you want them to open or close in banks or independently of each other. The first connected home solution was TaHoma, which can control your shades plus 16 other brands of items within your home, such as your thermostat, lights and security system. This created an intelligent lifestyle setting of today.

The plug and play smart home solutions of today are much easier and quicker to install and they are adapted to the local demand in Scottsdale for improving your living environments.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

You can control the opening and closing of your window treatments with your smartphone, tablet, or a wall switch to have easy adjustments to your lighting and heat gain and save you valuable money on your energy costs–especially in the hot summers in Arizona. The cell phone app is myLink and it lets your control your custom window treatments remotely when you are away from home. You can schedule your time events for a week at a time so you can effortlessly choose a scenario to fit your busy schedule. 

Powerful and Quiet Operation in Scottsdale

The Somfy motors are very well-built and long-lasting products. They are ultra-powerful to open and close your window coverings on extra-large windows without faltering at all. You get all this power plus an ultra-quiet design so as not to intrude on your peaceful times of the day and night. This design took several years to perfect for the best ingenuity and in a quiet and comfortable package.

So Many Beautiful Options

Choosing custom motorized shades allows you to choose from literally thousands of fabrics, shades, colors, and patterns to suit your exact taste. You can choose a simple light filtering design that will still allow you to see outdoors when your shades are closed, but at the same time, it blocks the glare and heat from your windows in the dog days of summer. You can also choose from any type of fabric for your automated roller shades from lighter and sheers to heavier and luxurious blends. If you fall in love with a sheer appearance and it won’t block the harsh sunlight, you can simply have a liner placed on the back to block as little or as much light as you wish and even make it a room-darkening shade. 

Simple to Operate and Power

The Somfy motorized shades are very simple to operate and they save you the valuable time of walking to each window in your home to open or close the window coverings. Some homeowners that use them are older and have trouble with opening and closing manual window treatments or they may be in a hard to reach the place. Motorization is the answer to this for everyone–even older people find this system very simple to operate. Gone are the days when the first motorized systems required extensive wiring in your home or you would need many backup batteries to replace them very often. 

There is no wiring needed for this system and the batteries are rechargeable and long-lasting so you may only need to recharge them a few times per year. The distinct climate in Scottsdale makes window treatment control systems that require new batteries very obsolete. The extremely hot temperatures in the summer will reduce the life of your batteries in everything just as it does in your vehicles. The older systems would require purchasing new batteries very often and having to change them out too. Rechargeable batteries are definitely the way to go in Nevada so you have no real downtime when you need to recharge them. You can simply adjust your window coverings as you wish and recharge the batteries either overnight or while you leave the house and run errands. Then simply plug the batteries back into your system. It’s as simple as that and nontime consuming either.

That’s the no-fuss system that everyone has come to love and desire. Time-saving can be mind saving and time is something that no one seems to have enough of. 

Motorized window treatments are a great innovation for homes with larger expansive windows and many of them as is common in this area. The motors can communicate with each other as well as with your controllers to operate several or all of your window shading products at the same time. As an added bonus, many homeowners have the shades open in the morning at a specific time to wake them gently with the morning sunlight instead of an annoying alarm clock. This is truly a beneficial product for ease of mind starting the first thing in the morning.

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