Last Minute Festive Tabletop Ideas: Create Your Own Unique Table Display

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Last Minute Festive Tabletop!

Uh-oh! You have all the gifts, the menu planned, the housed cleaned…but you forgot about the holiday table?  Here are some last minute ideas for a festive look…

Before you run out and purchase expensive items, look around your home to see what you already have.  Chances are that you have everything you need to create your own unique, table display without another trip to the store!

  • Linens/tablecloth – Any will do. Just having a tablecloth says “special.” Too big or too small?  Fold them or layer them!
  • Plates & Cutlery – Plain or fancy, now is your opportunity to mix it all up…matchy-matchy is overrated!
  • Candles – Any color, any size. Just group them together like a big family! Take wide pillar candles and wrap them in ribbon, garland or string – whatever you have on hand. 
  • Centerpiece – Grab a large container, basket, or platter, and fill it with colorful fruit, candy, or holiday ornaments. Or create a “gift centerpiece” by wrapping small, empty boxes in holiday paper, ribbons and bows.  Then place the “gifts” in a decorative container, or arrange them in the center of the table with greenery.
Festive Tabletop Ideas

Have teens or guests around? Give this “special” job to them – it will entertain them, and free you up for something else on your “to-do” list for an hour or so!

If you do need to run out for any items…be kind to yourself…just go to your neighborhood Walgreen or CVS and grab whatever catches your eye.  You’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly you can add holiday cheer to your table!

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