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Keep Out the Heat No Matter Where You Are

Scottsdale Heat and Sun Control

We are located locally in Nevada and understand the different climates in this area of the U.S. The extreme heat and sun can vary from one microclimate to another depending on the altitude where you are located. It’s imperative to have the most functionality in your window treatments to beat the heat.

Keep Out The Heat No Matter Where You Are

Many times, you may be going out for the day to run errands and forget to close your window coverings before you leave. This can result in you arriving back home several hours later and walking into a boiling hot home that takes a considerable amount of time to cool down while making your HVAC unit work really hard. There is a wonderful solution to this scenario– automated window treatments. Read on to find out more about this fantastic innovative product.

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Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

When you choose to add motorization to your window coverings, you will never have to stop and think if you closed all your window shades before you left home. It takes only one second to command your shades to all close at once with one click of a button on your smart phone.

This is a real time saver too for homes in the Scottsdale area that have many large and beautiful windows in them. It does take time to walk to each window in your home and shut the window treatments one by one before you go to bed at night and the same thing goes for opening each one individually in the morning too. You can create “scenes” on a program to open and close your window coverings individually or in banks of

two or more windows and they can operate automatically on their own from the parameters you set on the schedule.

Motorized window treatments can save you lots of money in lowering your cooling costs in the hot summers. When your shades are closed, they will block out the hot temperatures and the sunlight from entering your home, so it’s cooler inside. This allows your HVAC system to take a break and not work as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times. In the long run, motorized window treatments easily pay for themselves in the reduced energy costs and by giving your heating and cooling system an extended life span too.

Are Motorized Window Treatments Hard to Operate?

Automated window treatments are very easy to operate. If you can make a phone call on a smart phone, then you’ve got it made in the shade–literally. Residential motorization was created to be very user friendly so that anyone of any age can easily learn to program scenes, over ride them, add more scenes or delete them in just a few simple steps with the app.

One such app for Somfy products is called the Somfy myLink phone app. Here’s a quick step by step instructional to help you get started:

Create a Schedule

Click on the myLink icon on your smart phone and the main menu will open. You then press the plus sign icon and name your schedule then press set to schedule the time.

You can set a schedule for specific times and days of the week or you can actually set your schedule for sunrise and sunset and the intelligent sensors will open and close your shades for you in the morning or at night.

There’s also a super handy vacation mode that you may choose for a schedule. It enables your window treatments to open and close at varied times of the day and night, so it appears that you are home. Burglars will just move on to another home if it looks like someone is in your home. So, this is actually a great option for an added layer of security in your home.

After setting your schedule, you press the back button twice to exit and the plus sign button will let you select from your available programmed scenes.

You can then select all the scenes you want to operate on a particular schedule to add them to it and press done. You can turn the toggle switch next to each program on or off as you need to.

That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

Reliability of Motorized Window Treatments

If you have large windows in your home with a beautiful view of the great outdoors, then motorized window treatments were made especially for you. The manual type of window shades dictate that you pull a string, chain or the bottom center of the shade with your hand for a cordless type to open and close them. Larger window coverings have a tendency to have one side higher than the other when you try to open and close them because of the weight associated with the size. This in turn will wear out the lifting mechanism prematurely and you will either need repairs to your window coverings or need to replace them.

Automatic window treatments are your answer to this problem. The motors are very sturdy and long lasting to give you a lifetime of simple operation. Your window shades will also lift and lower properly while staying perfectly horizontal without one side being higher or lower than the other as with manual models.

Choices Galore!!

Custom programmable window treatments give you a huge amount of choices in different fabrics, textures, colors and patterns from which to choose. You can have any style you wish in your motorized window shades to complement your decor and style or to create a fantastic statement piece in each and every window in a room. Windows naturally become focal points when they are dressed appropriately and they can add that WOW factor you crave, especially when they are operating on their own.

You should seriously consider adding motorized window treatments to your home for a new and innovative living space that helps you beat the heat no matter where you are.

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