What Does Interior Designers Do: The Ultimate Guide To This Fascinating Field

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The right Scottsdale interior design can significantly enhance any office or home. But, choosing the right office or home design can be overwhelming. While we all have our own personal styles and tastes, boosting a room is more than selecting an attractive color.

Factors like room layout, focal points, finishes, size, and scale play a crucial role. Not everyone can make these tough decisions, which is why interior designers enter the picture. Below, we explore what interior designers do and how they can enhance your home or business.

What Is an Interior Designer?

Your Scottsdale interior design can benefit greatly from a professional’s expert hand. However, an interior designer is more than someone blessed with an eye for design.

To be an interior designer, a professional needs at least an associate’s degree from an accredited university or school.

While an associate’s degree is the bare minimum requirement, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture or interior design. It’s also not uncommon for interior designers to earn a master’s degree.

While earning their degrees, potential interior designers may take classes focusing on areas like:

● Architecture

● Computer drafting

● Drawing

● Lighting design

Besides having at least an associate’s degree, an interior designer must also be state-sanctioned to deal with construction, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Most states stipulate an interior designer must complete the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam.

Interior Designer Job Task

What Kind of Work Does an Interior Designer Do?

Providing Scottsdale interior design solutions requires expertise. Interior designers must know how to draw, comprehend, and edit blueprints. They must also be well-versed in national and local inspection regulations and building codes.

These highly sought-after skills allow interior designers to work on residential and commercial properties. Some designers even specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, or hotel designs.

Many interior designers work at a design firm or provide designs for a specific commercial client. Other interior designers, however, work as freelancers.

How Can They Help with Your Scottsdale Interior Design Solutions?

You can face many issues when building your dream home, especially from step one. Whether revamping a single room or creating a cohesive design throughout your home, you must understand the following:

● Fabric utility

● The psychology of colors

● How reflective surfaces work

● What patterns and textures to use

The right Scottsdale interior design can involve many moving parts, from furniture to custom window treatments, floors, ceilings, and more.

Expertly designing and executing your living spaces creates a better ambiance. It also increases your home’s resale value and is instrumental if you’re planning a business.

Of course, homeowners can implement their own Scottsdale interior design solutions. For many, this process is a fun DIY project. However, an interior designer’s goal isn’t necessarily to take over your design project.

You can still dictate the colors, furniture, and design schemes you want. An interior designer works to bring out subtle nuances that an untrained eye would otherwise miss. They can also recommend better alternatives while keeping the following factors in mind:

● Your personal style and tastes

● Your budget

● Your home or business’s interior needs

● Overall utility

How hands-on an interior designer is with your home depends on different factors. For example, you can have them pick the appropriate color schemes, choose furniture, select specific artwork or decorate certain rooms. They can also help you maximize form, functionality, and overall space.

The goal of an interior designer is to pay attention to your unique taste and use their skills and knowledge to amplify your ideas. The right interior designer works to complement your existing ideas, enhance them, and suggest alternatives when applicable.

Of course, they can also implement a Scottsdale interior design from scratch.

Interior design project by Amy Wolf Interiors of Scottsdale Arizona

Is an Interior Designer the Same as an Interior Decorator?

Sometimes people use the terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator” interchangeably. However, many differences exist, with interior designers having a more comprehensive role.

An interior designer is also an interior decorator, but an interior decorator isn’t always an interior designer. Essentially, interior decorating is just one small element of interior design.

For example, if you only need to add new furnishings like custom window treatments, you can hire an interior decorator. You should hire an interior designer if you need major renovations that require working with architects and construction contractors.

Get the Best Scottsdale Interior Design Today

You’ll want a masterful Scottsdale interior design when making dramatic changes to your home or business. Our experts at Amy Wolff Interiors can help whether you have a grand scheme in mind or need extra guidance.

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