Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator: Understanding the Key Differences

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best interior designer and decorator in Scottsdale is essential. It’s not surprising how many people use the terms interior designer and decorator interchangeably because they sound similar. While style and aesthetics are essential for both roles, there are distinct differences between their specializations and credentials. Let’s go over the main differences between an interior designer and vs. decorator and how both will work to transform your drab and outdated spaces into something stylish, cozy, and welcoming.

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator: Precisely Explained

What is an Interior Decorator?

Interior decorators are responsible for the cosmetic decoration and design of existing interior spaces. Their roles include:
  • Developing design color schemes and concepts
  • Networking with furniture, fabric, lighting, and accessory suppliers to bring clients the best deals
  • Staying on top of the latest trends and products to fully resolve interior schemes
While interior decorators don’t strictly have any formal training requirements, the best professionals in the business are backed by certifications and diplomas in related fields along with years of practical experience. Since many industries value creative minds with an imaginative eye, interior decorators also often work as real estate staging consultants, visual merchandisers, and color consultants.

What is an Interior Designer?

Unlike interior decorators, designers don’t just focus on creating visually pleasing rooms but also highly functional spaces for the inhabitants. They consider project elements such as lighting, acoustics, accessibility, materials, and structural considerations. Interior designers also have a deep understanding of project management, construction practices, building systems, and local building codes and standards. Interior designers have a formal education in the form of an interior design degree, and many are often members of an industry association. This training gives them easy access to the latest developments in construction and design.
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Can You Be Both an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

If your project requires an interior designer and decorator, you can find qualified professionals who serve both roles. These individuals have the formal training, practical experience, and eye for detail necessary to develop beautiful and functional spaces for your property. To find the best interior designer and decorator in Scottsdale, you should always:
  • Inquire about their qualifications
  • Ask to see their portfolio of similar projects and even references
  • Meet with them face-to-face to ensure you can communicate well and share the same vision
  • Enquire about their resources and trade connections

3 Most Common Interior Designer and Decorator Misconceptions

Many people who want a professional-looking space don’t consider hiring an interior designer or decorator to help them out. Why? Several deeply ingrained myths about these roles hold them back from seeking professional assistance. Here are the three most common myths surrounding interior design and decoration services:

1. Interior Designers and Decorators Only Take on Big Budget Jobs

When asking many homeowners why they didn’t hire a certified interior designer and decorator, the answer is often that it’s too expensive. If you’re aiming for a beautifully designed and decorated space, the benefits of hiring the right professional will far outweigh the costs. A designer can show you details about your property that you might not have considered before. Thanks to their professional experience, they can also help you avoid costly mistakes that novices might fall for when it comes to interior design. A good interior designer and decorator will work towards your budget–no matter the size–to help you achieve the best possible outcome within your means.

2. They Only Handle the Creative Aspect of Your Project

Contrary to popular belief, interior designers and decorators don’t just manage the creative side of a project. As we’ve mentioned, designers also account for the functionality of a space. Their goal is to make an area as convenient and accessible as possible while delivering a visually pleasing design. Interior decorators might be more focused on aesthetics, but they also handle many management tasks. From liaising with suppliers and coordinating deliveries to finding the right installation services, decorators work hard in the background to ensure the success of your project.

3. They Make Every Design Decision

The relationship between a certified interior designer and decorator and their client is a collaborative one. Professionals will meet with the client, list their wants and needs, and discover their individual tastes to become fully attuned to their vision. After developing several concepts, the designer or decorator will present the clients with their ideas and explain the reasoning behind their decision. This practice gives clients an opportunity to voice their agreement or concerns.

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Interior Designer and Decorator Costs in Scottsdale

Since Scottsdale’s interior designers need a higher level of education to break into the field, they often have slightly higher rates than their decorator counterparts. If you plan on starting a major renovation or construction project, it’s always worth it to hire a trusted designer. They know what pieces look good together, which materials are worth the investment for your specific goals, and how to manage your project as efficiently as possible. When you want to update your design or color scheme, choose window treatments, or pick new lighting fixtures, then an interior decorator is a solid choice. As long as you don’t need anything structural done for your project, they can breathe new life into your spaces.

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