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Why You Should Decorate Your Master Bedroom First!

Planning Your Next Remodel Like a Pro

If you’ve ever managed a remodel in the past, then you will know that it’s a huge undertaking. You try to stay on time and on top of all involved in it and it can drive you bonkers at times. However, if you follow a few steps and plan ahead, you’ll be remodeling like a pro in no time.

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips for Your Next Remodel

It takes a lot of planning in advance to make your dream home come true and it’s certainly attainable. This outline can help you to achieve one of the most desirable outcomes in your home whether you are updating your home or you are about to close on a new home and you want to make it truly yours in every aspect.

Develop Your Vision

First things first!! You must first know what your final product is that you are seeking in your remodel for you to move forward in the process. Once you have your end point in mind, you can create a step-by-step plan to get you from point A to point B of the finished product. You can start by listing any features that are definitely must haves for your project. For a kitchen remodel, you may want a large island or if you plan to remodel a bedroom into an office, you will need a nice desk for it. You can then use different websites for design inspiration. You can mix and match ideas to get the exact items that you want and will likely find many other ideas that you had not thought of before to incorporate into your design. Make a note of all the items you really want so you can refer to the details later without forgetting anything.

Your Home’s Interior Design Should Reflect Your Personality

This would be the most pleasing aspect of the process of planning for a remodel job. You will probably look for interior design ideas and search for design styles to get started. You will likely be looking at examples of boho interiors, farmhouse, and classic looks and then think you aren’t really ready to choose just one style. That’s fine and it’s perfectly normal. Styles exist to give you guidance, but you home should reflect who You are and make You happy. You can feel free to mix and match different elements from different styles that you love. It may take you a while to realize your vision exactly, but that makes it all worth planning for in the end.

Keep Proportions in Mind

Some people may think in a living room remodel that is on the small side, that they should add a lot of small items–in fact filling a small room with many small pieces makes it feel cluttered. Instead, choose a few larger pieces to ground the space and it will feel more spacious and comfortable. On the other hand, if you go with furniture pieces that are too large it can make it hard to walk around and this is annoying to be sure.

Set Your Budget

Next, you will want to set your budget for your project. This is done by choosing each item for your remodel and calculating a realistic estimate for it. It includes every single item that you want to add to your plan. You should also consider getting permits and the cost associated with them as well as acquiring materials and the cost of delivery on them, your expected labor costs and other expenditures for the best aesthetic touches. If you’ve been dreaming about this remodel job for a while, you most likely have a ballpark figure of what it will cost in mind already. Use these estimates to determine what figure is realistic–it doesn’t help to short change your project and then have to leave off the finishing touches you desire.

Team Building

Your next item of business is to figure out exactly who is going to work on each part of the remodeling job. If you are hiring professionals, then it’s time to get your quotes. Research qualified contractors, pick three to interview, and ask for project estimates. You should also ask them some pertinent questions, such as are they licensed? Do they have insurance? How long have they had the same crew? How many guys are on your crew? Do you have a list of references? Will you use any subcontractors for my project? Do you give written warranties? Where is your office? Have you ever had disciplinary action filed against you? and Have you ever declared bankruptcy? From this point, you should be able to detect which of the contractors you interview that seems like they would do the best job for you at the price quoted to you.

Create Your Schedule

By this time, you should have a good idea of all the steps needed to complete your project. Now, put them in the order that makes the most sense. Once you have a start date in mind for your project, go to each interior designer and ask them an estimate of how long their work will take. Then write all of them down by name, what they are doing and the time frames to create your schedule. If need be, you can ask an interior design contractor what order the work usually goes in if you haven’t attempted this in the past. They are more than happy to help you with this step as your contractor that you hired.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Despite your best efforts, no remodel job is ever going to go exactly as you plan it. The best idea is to realize this upfront and just assume there will be some setbacks in the process and try to plan for them. You should be sure to pad your budget and schedule for extra expenditures and timing delays that are bound to happen in the process.

These tips should help you to prepare for your next home remodel and keep you on track. A few more tips include don’t be afraid to mix and match both old and new items in a room and paint is your friend. It adds a touch of color, and it can make space look larger or you can highlight an architectural feature, make a focal point on a wall or re-proportion your space and that’s all with paint. You can also change the mood of an interior with paint. Blue has a relaxing feel and orange and red are both stimulating hues. So don’t be afraid to tackle your home remodel job and go for it with gusto. It’s your home and you should make it an extension of your unique personality and style.

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