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Why You Shouldn't Fear Hiring An Interior Decorator and Designer

Why Haven’t You Called Me?

I know, I know, that sounds whiney and desperate! I can only share my experiences, what my clients have shared with me, and how I work to improve their lives by making their surroundings more FUN, FUNCTIONAL, and COMFORTABLE!

My goal is to list typical client “fears” (read: concerns) about talking with and hiring interior decorators and designers.


Amy Wolff CID


Let’s just put it right out there at the start. This is the clients’ number one concern. How much will it cost? Can I afford it? Do I want to spend that much? Well, how do you know if you don’t call me?? There is nothing to fear. We ask what things cost all the time – groceries, clothes, restaurants, vacations, etc. Why shouldn’t we do so here? It doesn’t benefit anyone (you or me) if we don’t frankly discuss a budget and your comfort level – this is no time to be embarrassed (it’s your money, after all) – and there really isn’t a wrong answer. A successful project is one that meets not only your wish list for a beautiful and functional space but one that is in line with your money comfort level. Whether it is a single design consultation, some gorgeous custom window treatments, or a home remodel – we make a plan that is comfortable for you! See my page on Flat Fees for more details. Don’t be afraid to call and talk with me about this.

Too Pushy!

Ughhh! That’s really annoying, isn’t it? When people push their tastes on you? We have all heard of, or seen TV shows where the fussy, snotty decorator comes in and pushes their tastes on the client – ick! I wouldn’t like that either. As an interior decorator and designer, my job is to help you get the look YOU love, but you don’t know how to get there – or you just don’t have the time! This is where the FUN comes in – it’s really fun to have someone create the look you want, and you didn’t have to do it yourself!

One treasured client said, “She has always been very professional, friendly, and not pushy! She listens to your thoughts and helps guide you and answer questions while keeping in mind that the house is yours, not hers.”

Analysis Paralysis

This is a close second to money. Almost all the calls I get are from people who have many ideas and challenges swimming in their heads that they don’t know where to start – leading to analysis paralysis. Where do I start? What do I keep? How do I rearrange it? What color should I choose? Does this sound like you? Do you think you need to call me with a plan and I just execute it? Not really. I help you find clarity, develop a plan, and prioritize your wishes – all before we actually “do” anything. Make sense?

Another client stated, “I’m always amazed at the level Amy will go to make sure the entire project is done to perfection, from managing the contractors to managing me. I always get everything I want when the job is done, and Amy sees it all through to the very end.” 

Want to get some FUN, FUNCTION, and COMFORT in your life? Amy Wolf Interiors is always happy to answer your questions! Set an appointment now! I’m just a phone call away! 480-683-0200.

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