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How to Dress Corner Windows & Curved Walls

We have a lot of corner windows and curved walls here in Arizona.  These areas are challenging for creating and installing window coverings.   But this dilemma also presents terrific opportunities for showcasing some very creative window treatments.  There are many terrific custom options from which to choose.

Custom cornices are a great, no fuss choice for corner windows and curved walls.  We can coordinate fabric and trim with your other furnishings and bring some extra WOW to the room.  Professional window treatment designers have all kinds of interesting ways to address corner gaps and curved walls and make a consistent wraparound look – that only comes with custom window treatments.

For a tailored look, box-pleated valances with side drapery panels are also very popular.  Fabric valances are soft and flexible, making them ideal top treatments for corners and curved walls of windows.  A stationary drapery panel on each end provide a more formal appearance and accentuate our taller Scottsdale ceilings.

Swags and cascades mounted on boards give corner windows and curved walls a more traditional look – I’m seeing these are back for 2020.  I’m actually excited about taking an old (somewhat stuffy) style and giving it new life with fresh, modern fabrics and a cleaner design!! 

For a more glamorous feel in great rooms and dining rooms, use panels at the outer ends with designer drapery rods.  Create some added WOW with some bling-y or glass finials! 

Some Interesting and Fabulous Choices

The Mirror Image

In a private setting with corner windows, such as a bedroom consider using matching multilayered window treatments that define each individual window but with a pleasant symmetry. This choice also lets your choose to open or close each window treatment separately.

The Sheer Style

Corner windows that are in a formal room, such as a great room or family room without much sunlight in the area, can be beautiful and light. This can be achieved by using sheer panels in a full and flowing style and topped with a great scalloped swag that is also sheer. You accomplish a summery fresh room with a light and airy feel.

Camouflage It

This idea works well with large corner windows. Drapery panels hang from drapery rods that extend past the actual window and into the center of the corner on both sides. It looks like a continuous window at a 90-degree angle. This look is best accomplished and finished when using heavier fabrics or fabrics with a liner to block out the sun when closed. You can slide the drapery panels both open to meet in the center of the corner for a waterfall of beautiful fabric and a wonderful view outside.

In Symmetry

Symmetrical window treatments work well in corner windows in a breakfast area or a sitting room. Simple and elegant fabric drapery panels, perhaps with a floral pattern hanging from highly decorative rods and with tie backs on each window complement each other. This can be especially interesting with decorative trim on the drapery panels and matching trim on the tire backs.

Tied Together

If your corner windows meet very closely in the corner with little space between them, it presents itself as a challenge because you can’t really dress them separately. This allows you to have a show stopper window treatment and dress them as if they are one window. Continuous drapery rods that turn in a 90 degree angle are your friend in this case. You use one drapery panel for both windows and add tie backs to the outer two sides of the windows. This works best with ample fabric in any weight or type so it shows off the material. This is more of a formal appearance and you can add pinch pleats plus tie backs of braided rope and tassels on the ends for the ultimate appearance.

Corner Casements

If you happen to have two small corner casement windows in a corner, perhaps in a kitchen, it’s best to dress them simply, since they are smaller in width. A simple matchstick shade, roller shade or Roman shade in each works great when you repeat the style in other windows in the same room.

Follow the Curve

This design will accent the curve in corner windows with arches at the top. You treat it in the same manner as the tied together tip but the drapery rod is round and mounted just above the arch in the windows. You can choose the amount of formality you wish by the fabric you choose. This appearance can be magnificent when the drapery panels extend from ceiling to floor to pool softly and evenly on the floor. This makes a dramatic window treatment to celebrate your arched corner windows.

Don’t let a tricky corner window or curved wall be a stark, unaddressed area in your room.  These provide a terrific opportunity to have fun and make these areas impressive focal points!  

Can’t picture how these styles may work in your room?  We can show you options by illustrating different designs, to scale, on a photo of your actual windows!  Clients love the confidence this gives them in their selections!

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