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Your best bet when searching for an interior design specialist is finding references and resources for a local interior designer. A local person will know what products work best in your exact climate to make your spaces functional and provide you with the ultimate comfort and beauty.

To get the best results for your interior design, you should choose a local person who is very talented, has many accreditations and awards, and has years of experience and a love of what they create. Several things to remember in your search can help you find the best designer and decorator for your beautiful new home or your newly remodeled home in Scottsdale.

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator: What's The Difference?

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An interior decorator works with your completed spaces but doesn’t handle structural work. She may help you choose flooring, wallpaper, paint, and furnishings, such as custom window treatments in Scottsdale and light fixtures. Still, she will not handle structural redesigns such as remodeling itself.

The best can be found in one person who is both an interior designer and an interior decorator to handle all your needs. She will be able to read, edit, draw up blueprints, and apply creative and technical solutions to create all of your attractive and functional spaces simultaneously.

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We have the option to set up an in-home consultation or a virtual appointment.

Knowing the differences between interior designers and decorators is helpful, so you choose the best person for your job. An interior designer can help you redesign any space in your home, or she may collaborate with your architect and builder to help create something extraordinary for you.

Interior designers work with various design trends and fashions to suit your needs. They have excellent contacts to put you in touch with for your renovations of any type, from spa-type master bathrooms to a kitchen worthy of a famous chef and everywhere in between.


Steps to Finding an Interior Designer and Decorator in Scottsdale, Arizona

First, you need to decide on your timeline and your budget for your project before you enlist the help of a professional design and decorator in your local area.

Your best bet is to search through magazines for a professional in your area. Houzz is one of the best places to research for a local designer. You will find a complete profile of the designer, examples of her work, and great photos to represent the styles and projects she has completed.

When researching Houzz, note any design awards, such as a vision Design Award for Specialty Windows, Houzz annual service awards, and Houzz badges.

One of the top certifications held by less than 10% of decorators is the Certified Interior Decorator National Certification. An interior designer and decorator with this certification will be the cream of the crop. It would help if you also chose someone who undergoes design training seminars and conferences to gain more experience and knowledge at all times. These items will ensure that you choose an experienced professional who is passionate about her craft.

Keep in mind that if you are on a limited budget, a professional interior design and decorator will be happy to coach you on a project or give you a consultation to help you out for a nominal flat fee. The right person will do these items and complete remodeling and decorating for your space or an entire home.

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