8 Home Office Window Treatment Ideas To Make You More Productive

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Window treatments of all types can add privacy, sun, heat, glare control, and a sense of personality to your home office. Whether your home office is in one room of your house or integrated as a part of your kitchen or a bedroom, you can find window treatments that meet all your criteria and look fabulous.

8 Creative Ideas for Your Home Office

Your goal is to feel productive and motivated in your office so you can concentrate on your work. It’s also helpful to have custom window treatments in Scottsdale so you can close them to keep your work area cool in the hot summer months and to keep you from being distracted by outdoor happenings.

1. Add Some Energy to Your Space

Window blinds have come a long way since mini blinds first hit the market many years ago in one or two colors. You can now get blinds with different vane sizes and in many colors in a matte finish, pearlescent hues, or bright metallic colors. You may decide to use a blind with a bright color to liven up your area.

window blinds for home office

2. Blend in With the Surroundings

If you want your office to be calm and cohesive, you can opt for custom window treatments that blend in with your other aesthetics. Roller blinds are a good option with clean lines. If your color palette in your office is neutral, such as white or light gray, you can choose either a solid color roller shade in the same color or one with a subtle pattern in your color palette.

roller blinds for home office

3. Form And Function Matters

Geometric prints are pretty famous for home office window treatments. You can add at least a bit of color or pattern to your window treatments to make your office feel dressed and cozy. You can consider a roller shade that can be lifted for some sunlight during the day and be closed in the evenings for privacy.

4. Choose A Stylish Repeat Pattern

A repeat pattern in any space adds character and charm. For example, if you have a photo of greenery, trees, or flowers, choose a fabric that includes the same items in the same colors. If you have a picture of something and repeat it on Roman or roller shades, it makes your space look stylish.

5. Make a Cozy Office with Draperies

The coziest and most relaxed offices have fabric draperies in them. You can choose light and airy linen or sheer drapery panels if your window doesn’t get much heat and sunlight. Or, if you need additional insulation by the window, consider layering window treatments with either a blind or shade for the first layer and beautiful fabric drapery panels on top. This gives you much light control, from room darkening to light filtering to bright sunlight.

sheer drapery panel for home office

6. Use Roman Shades for Texture

If your home office is mainly in a neutral color, you can add a lot of texture and style with Roman shades. Choose a thicker fabric in a contrasting color for the most significant impact. You can also choose a textured fabric with a bright and lively pattern to motivate you.

roman shades for home office

7. Add Privacy to Your Workspace

Vertical blinds are not only for sliding glass doors and larger windows. They also look adorable in office windows; you can close them for great privacy. If your color scheme in your home office is gray, white, or neutral, choose a shade of vertical blind that matches it or is another neutral color, so your windows blend in with their surroundings.

8. Top-Down, Bottom-Up Shades

This window shade style allows you to independently open either the top half of your window treatment or the bottom half. It can help you be productive with some natural light in your home office while blocking the harsh UV rays of the sun to prevent glare from your laptop screen or computer monitor.

Our Scottsdale interior designer and decorator at Amy Wolff Interiors can help you decide on the custom window treatments in Scottsdale that will work best for your home office. We offer in-home consultations and make a rendering, so you see exactly what your window treatments will look like.

When your choice of window covering is completed, we will return and professionally install them for you. Contact Amy Wolf Interiors today to schedule an in-home consultation and to learn about the most modern, high-quality window treatments on the market.

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