Home Design Projects You Should NOT Do Yourself

How to Save Money & When Call for HELP!

I know it seems intuitive which home projects you should attempt to do yourself – and which projects you should not do yourself.  But it’s not always as simple as you may think.  Here are some ways to determine if a project is one you should consider doing yourself.

  • How complex is the project – do you have the skills and tools necessary?
  • How much is going to actually save in dollars and/or time?
  • Will you need to spend an inordinate amount of time finding materials?
  • Is it physically safe to do the project yourself?
  • Do you have a plan and a budget?
  • Do you know what you don’t know? (AKA scope creep, and surprising things we find under slimy rocks!)
Traditional Cave Creek Living Room

Projects You Should Leave to the Pros

  1. Major home remodeling projects – Anything that requires a permit, taking down/moving walls, ripping anything permanent out (flooring, cabinetry, bathtubs, windows, etc.), climbing up really BIG ladders, or putting anything permanent in (fireplace, doors, stairways, etc.) are projects you should NOT do yourself.  The best case is that you won’t save as much as you thought, the worst case is you will violate building codes and may have to rip it out! The very worst case is you could be seriously injured. Definitely NOT worth it.
  2. Minor remodeling projects – Stuff you think you can do yourself, but probably shouldn’t (unless you REALLY know what you’re doing) – like replacing faucets and sinks, painting the whole house (inside or outside), adding decorative moldings, etc.  Again, you probably won’t save as much as you thought, probably will spend a LOT more time than you thought, and may not get the job done properly.  And there’s still that risk of injury.  PLUS, do you really want to spend 2 weekends trying to install faucets after you already spent 2 weekends finding just the right faucets?
  3. Handyman projects – Why spend your valuable time doing projects that are time-consuming for you, but easy-breezy for a skilled handyman or specialty installer?  Why not spend a small amount to get a fantastic result, instead of an OK result?  I have been asked a few times about installing window treatments – “can’t we save some money by letting my husband install this?”  No, not really. The installation cost is a tiny fraction of the job. Why annoy hubby and have him spend 3 hours doing something a skilled installer can do in 15-30 minutes?  And it’s done when he gets home from work!!  Woo-hoo!
  4. Dangerous projects – Like indoor rattlesnake removal! YIKES! (Just making sure you are still reading!). If you’re a newcomer to Arizona…do NOT mess with rattlesnakes!  Do not call me either – call an expert for removal!

Projects You Will LOVE Leaving To the Pros

Also known as the shameless plug…here’s how I can help you determine the best approach to take with your projects.

  • Interior Design Consultations – Initial phone calls are complimentary AND friendly – I am always happy to answer your questions and inquiries. I also offer single in-home consultations that definitely save you time and money in avoiding costly mistakes!
  • Remodeling Projects & Material Selections – I collaborate with contractors and installers and make recommendations on what to choose! Tile, granite, flooring, paint colors, lighting, you name it!  Need a contractor referral? I’ve got those, too!
  • Custom Window Treatments & Upholstered ItemsPure bliss! I LOVE LOVE LOVE designing custom window treatments…these really add style and warmth to any room…any style!

Have questions? Amy Wolf Interiors is just a phone call away! 480-683-0200.