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The Most Luxurious Designer Shades for Scottsdale

Custom Designer Shades to Beat the Heat

The summers can be really brutal in Scottsdale, Arizona and the simple solution to this is to utilize window treatments to block the harsh sunlight and heat from entering your home.

When most homeowners think about window shades for their window treatments, just a plain, solid color comes to mind. Gone are the days from long ago when you really didn’t have many choices in your window shades. Now you have literally thousands of styles to choose from in fabric window shades. There are also many different styles that appear a bit different from each other when the shades are raised. You can also add a state-of-the-art motor to your window treatments to make them not only a beautiful designer product but also one that is easy to use and energy-efficient too.

Types of Modern Flat Fabric Window Shades

There are four distinct types of modern window shades, which are also called flat fabric shades: flat Roman shades, soft fold or hobbled shades, roller shades, and transitional or zebra shades. Each of these types of shades appears a bit different from each other when you have them partially or fully raised. Of course, most are all flat and smooth for clean-cut and simple lines when they are closed.

The flat Roman shades show folds when they are raised but are otherwise flat. There is a knife pleat style which is very formal with the pleats at the top of the shade that show all the time. If you choose the knife pleat flat Roman shades, you will not need to dress the flat shade when you raise it. It works as a stand-alone product; however, you can still add some beautiful drapery panels to the sides for a more finished appearance.

The soft fold or hobbled Roman shade shows big, soft folds when the shade is down or up to add some interest in your window treatment design.

Roller shades are very popular in Scottsdale because of their clean lines, huge choice of fabrics and easy operation that makes them very functional. Any type of fabric can be made into a roller shade by fusing it onto a shade backing to give it structure to roll up smoothly when you raise it.

Transitional shades are often called zebra shades because of the alternating, horizontal stripes on the backing in two different colors or patterns that create stripes. The stripes are all the same size to give your window treatment a polished appearance and most of the time one of the two fabrics is a bit thicker than the other to block light, glare and heat, while the other thinner fabric is easier to see through to the great outdoors.

Luxurious Designer Fabric Choices

With the sweltering and dry heat in Scottsdale, you want to choose a fabric that will block the light and heat that streams in your beautiful, large windows in the hottest part of the day. You can choose any type of fabric, even something that is light and flowing, such as a sheer panel or lace panel, and pair it with a thick backing to help reduce your cooling bills. The backings or liners will not detract from your choice of fabric in any manner, but they will add to your energy efficiency in a big manner.

Custom designer fabrics give you the choice of many different fabrics from which to choose. A professional designer has first-hand knowledge of the newest fabrics to be released on the market and can secure them for you. Your designer can help you to choose fabrics for your designer window shades that will complement your decor and give your home that WOW factor that you seek.

The Wonderful World of Window Treatment Automation

The addition of motorized window treatments is very popular in our area because they are easy to use and make certain your window shades and window treatments close in the hottest part of the summer or the coldest part of the winter to regulate your inside temperature. You can add motorization to your existing security system or smart home very easily so you can control your window coverings by voice at any time. Alternately, you can set schedules for the window shades to open and close, so that it is automatic whether you are at home or you’ve stepped out to go shopping or out to eat. It’s actually unbelievable how much more comfortable you can have in your home with the technology today in automation especially when your thermostat adjusts itself and your window coverings too. You can make certain that your lights are all off before you leave the home in your smart hose, which will also save electricity as well as some minor warmth from the light bulbs.

You too can have the most luxurious designer window shades in Scottsdale when you choose an experienced designer that is very knowledgeable about all the styles and choices that are available to you. Another great thing to remember is that custom window treatments are guaranteed to fit perfectly after they are fabricated to your exact specifications and they are even professionally installed for you too. This process gives you complete peace of mind with a truly unique appearance that is all your own.

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