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Designer Drapery Fabrics for Large Windows

Choosing Fabrics for Your Interior Design

The many types of fabric for your designer needs are simply overwhelming. There are different types and weights within the types, plus patterns and color palates as well as the actual performance of the type you pick.

Designer Drapery Fabrics for Large Windows

So how do you decide which fabric when you have large and beautiful windows? Ask a professional designer to make certain your fabric in your draperies and window treatments meet all the criteria you need.

Designers Have Access to Better Quality Products

When you choose custom window treatments of any type and hire a professional designer, you can rest assured that she will have many more choices of great designer fabrics in much better quality than you as a homeowner could ever have access to. Your designer will have great professional connections which give her the best of the best in drapery fabrics of all types. Designer drapery fabrics are much more than just beautiful too, as they are usually made much better and will last you for many years to come without the need to replace them anytime soon. You can also choose designer fabrics that are treated with specialized items to keep them from fading quickly in the hot summers in Arizona or in any other area. Your average fabrics are not treated in any manner and they will fade, decay, and not look so swell when exposed to the bright sunlight for many hours a day.

Types of Designer Drapery Fabrics and Their Properties

Some types of designer drapery fabrics hold up much better with a lot of light coming into your windows on the east side of your home in the mornings and on the west side of your home in the evenings. Thicker fabrics work better in your windows that get a lot of heat and sunlight, not to mention how much money you can save on energy efficiency when you choose the right products.

Cotton Fabrics

Cotton fabrics are very versatile. They can be used for any type or style of draperies you wish, they are easy to clean and the fabric drapes well in any design so that the excess fabric can hang in folds or pleats in any design you choose your large windows. These virtues make cotton and cotton blends a great fabric for any home. In addition, you can also choose from varying grades of thicknesses, so you can block out the harsh sunlight in your home or you can just diffuse it gently in rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight and heat.


Lace and voile fabrics are considered sheers, which makes them a great choice for allowing all the natural light in to accentuate all of your beautiful home furnishings in all of their glory. When you close the voile types of designer drapery panels, it still offers a bit of privacy while allowing in the light. When you close lace draperies, they don’t really give you any privacy at all and the room will stay bright. These types of fabrics are best for windows that don’t get direct sunlight and they can be quite beautiful and soft in an area where an expansive porch may shield your windows from a lot of sunlight.

Polyester and Synthetic Blends

All polyester and synthetic blends are a great option if you don’t want a high-maintenance window treatment. These fabrics are low maintenance, durable and affordable for large windows. Blends of cotton and polyester drape very nicely in oversized windows of any shape and they do hold up well in very bright and hot climates. Some other synthetic blends that work just as well are polyester and linen and cotton and linen. Polyester blends can actually give you that WOW factor of draperies when they are used in an original style that suits your personality and taste.

Silk Fabric

Silk and silk blends of fabric add a definitely elegant and romantic air to any window in any room of your home. Silk fabrics are highly susceptible to sun damage, making it less of a great choice as a stand-alone window treatment in the brighter areas of your home. You can find designer fabrics that are faux silk to be an easier product to clean and maintain with better protection against harsh sunlight.

Liners Liners Liners

So, you’ve found a type of fabric that works great with the design you’ve chosen for your large windows. Maybe it’s not the most practical fabric for windows that get a lot of harsh sunlight. There is a great solution to this for you. Liners!! You can add liners to any type of drapery fabric to act as protection for the fabric you’ve chosen so it doesn’t’ fade in the sunlight. Liners are available in a lot of different weights to act anywhere from light filtering to total blackout liners and everywhere in between. This allows you to choose customization for every window in your home. You may choose a particular fabric for let’s say you’re great room. Some of the windows get a lot of sunlight and others don’t because of the direction the windows face. (We love our windows in Arizona) You can still use the same type of fabric either in the same pattern or color or coordinating patterns with solids and colors in each window. Then you simply have the correct weight and darkening effect for each particular window to the custom draperies. You get precise light control in every room of your house with this feature and it doesn’t change how your custom draperies appear with different weight liners on the back.

The Lovely Layering Look

Another manner to get the exact appearance you want with the right amount of light control is a layering look. It’s very popular to use motorized roller shades as a first layer next to your window to open and close as you see fit to block sunlight or filter it, depending on the fabric you choose. This allows the roller shade to work in the same manner as a drapery liner. When the shade is open, you will only see your lovely designer draperies, but you can close it when the sunlight comes pouring into your home and close your draperies as well.

This idea gives you complete light and heat control, as you can adjust the shade to be partially open or closed to any height you wish and you also can open and close your custom draperies as far open or closed as you wish. It’s a win-win situation for all windows in the harsh summer sunlight.

You have so many advantages over others when you choose custom draperies and a designer to help you with your choices. Designers have a ton of knowledge from past experience and they can quickly help you to achieve the exact level of privacy and light control you need with the best products and designs for the windows you desire.

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