Scottsdale AZ Custom Window Treatments

Yes! We “Do” Windows!

Amy Wolff Interiors specializes in the design of fine custom window treatments, bedding and all upholstered items.
We are passionate about anything with fabric!!

  • Draperies and decorative side panels
  • Top treatments or valances
  • Cornices
  • Fabric shades – Roman and modern, flat styles
  • Roller shades and sun shades
  • Motorization
  • Top of bed – duvets, comforters, pillows
  • All upholstered items – custom chairs, sofas, banquettes and re-upholstery
Traditional Valance Scottsdale
Modern Top Treatment Rio Verde

It’s amazing how custom window treatments can pull your whole room together while providing solutions for sun, heat and/or privacy – plus give you that special designer WOW!

And we make it EASY!  Amy and her team personally visit your home and will propose design ideas, recommend fabrics, trims, and hardware, plus oversee the workroom, measuring, and installation – done!

Window Treatment FAQs

Where Do We Start?

The #1 concern we address is FUNCTION – or WHY are we covering your windows? What issue do we need to solve? Do you have privacy or a sun issue? Does the bedroom or TV room require room darkening? How often will you open and close the window coverings? This helps to determine appropriate controls. Are there children or pets where we need to consider safety (and low maintenance) issues? Do we need to motorize difficult-to-reach windows or large walls of windows?

There are several factors we will consider when designing your custom window treatments –

  • The style of window – Not all treatment styles can be “engineered” to work on all window types. Window treatments should make a statement but must also suit the proportions and purpose of the room.
  • Your lifestyle – We consider durability, ease of cleaning, and any maintenance required. Do you clean your home or have a cleaning service? How long do you plan to stay in this home? Custom window treatments are traditionally left behind when you move – and are a big PLUS when marketing your home.
  • Your personal style – Casual or formal? Somewhere in between? How much WOW do you desire? There are styles to complement any décor.
  • Your budget – This will further determine the style and fabric options. Obviously, costs vary tremendously by the styles and fabrics chosen, and the size and complexity of the windows. We can design/value engineer to most reasonable budgets – keeping in mind this IS custom –
Contemporary Kitchen Blinds Scottsdale

Choosing the Right Fabric

With such an enormous selection of fabrics available, how do you know which to choose?  There is nothing more disappointing and frustrating than a fabric that doesn’t perform as expected. To make certain that your design project is successful, Amy will consider all the variables noted above – your lifestyle, and the function the fabric will serve.  Window treatments, drapery, upholstery, throw pillows, accents, bedspreads/comforters, and walls, all have different functions and require different types of fabrics.  It seems obvious that a soft drapery and a heavily used sofa can’t use the same type of fabric…but you would be surprised how often people forget this important consideration!

“How Do You Know You Will Like It?”

There are several ways to help determine this. Many of our clients have a good idea of what look they want. However, for those who just can’t picture what the final treatments will look like – we can offer our unique Photo Vision method that helps you envision just how your windows will look with different options! We simply take photos of your windows and add drawings (to scale) of various designs – so you can be certain of your choice.

Chenille Drapery Panels Scottsdale

Are there children or pets in the home?  Will the fabric be used in an eating area? Accidents happen and we need to choose fabrics that clean easily and wear well in these situations.  And today’s high performance fabrics are extremely durable!!

Note that price and quality ranges of fabrics can vary widely – so establishing an appropriate investment for your project is essential to making a great choice. Choosing the right fabric and following the proper cleaning and care guidelines will enable you to enjoy your furnishings for many years to come.

Before Photo Faq


Window Treatment Illustration


Embroidered Valance Scottsdale


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