Custom Window Treatments for 2021

2020 was a heck of a year and most homeowners are looking forward to the future of 2021 for some nice changes with major optimism, hopefully without the challenges of last year. A great manner to bring in some new cheer and liveliness is to change your window treatments. You’ve likely been at home a lot more recently than ever before and updating your home will help to brighten your outlook. Upgrading your window treatments can make the interior of your home more enjoyable. From drapes to blinds to shades, you can renew your home and your vitality.


High Tech and Convenient Window Treatments


As a modern homeowner, you most likely already have a security system in place and you can add motorized window treatments to the system for a smart home. The latest in custom home window treatments is motorization for your window coverings. From blinds and shades to other options, they will all allow you to use a simple remote control system or an app on your smartphone or another smart device to control them. You can open and close window treatments with just the touch of a button, or if you want convenient window coverings, you can program times in for them to open and close at different times of the day. This also adds a level of security if you are away from home on a vacation, as it appears as if someone is home when the window treatments are opening and closing at different times of the day and night. In a smart home, you can also program lights and televisions to go on and off to make your home look lived in and deter burglars and thieves. Another convenient advantage to motorized window treatments is that if you have very tall windows, skylights, or hard-to-reach windows, your smart system solves the problems of being hard to reach to control your light and privacy while remaining energy efficient. You can motorize just about any window treatment that you want and by contacting a local professional, she can guide you to a tech-savvy and convenient window treatment.


Double Duty with Dual Shade Systems


Layering two or more window treatments is not a new concept, but dual shades are a fairly new idea that works wonders in any room. It’s an integrated system that uses dual-layered shades. It combines a transparent light filtering shade in the front and an opaque room darkening roller shade in the rear next to the window. This allows you to use the light filtering shades in the daytime to filter out harmful and hot rays while still being able to enjoy your beautiful garden or the mountains through your windows. At night, you can instead use the rear shade for a room darkening effect for total privacy and to keep a bedroom dark while you are sleeping. The ultimate in this situation is to pair it with motorization. Instead of waking in the morning to an alarm that causes you to wake up by startling you, you can set the shades to open and allow soothing morning sunshine in your bedroom to wake you gently and quietly.


Another popular idea for dual shades for a very casual appearance is to combine a woven wood shade and a cellular shade. The cellular shade is the first layer next to the window with a woven wood shade that is lined is in the front of it. Woven woods with a liner will block your views of your beautiful landscaping outside but when you pair it with a cellular shade; you can have the advantage of still having some view of the great outdoors and an increase of your privacy without sacrificing your natural lighting.


Newer Cellular Shade Innovations


Cellular shades were actually created to give your home the best energy efficiency by trapping air next to your windows and not allowing it to enter the rooms of your home. This allows you to use less heating and cooling to save you valuable money all year round. We are seeing some advances in cellular shade construction and styles for 2021. Most cellular shades were only available in 1-inch and 1.5-inch pleats, but now a newer style is emerging with 2-inch pleats that are coming to the market in 2021. The wider pleats give your shades a more uniform, smoother and more updated modern appearance. Another attractive new cellular shade is called a cell-in-a-cell shade. As the name implies, a cell-in-a-cell shade traps air between multiple layers of cells that are situated inside of each other for even greater energy efficiency than simple cellular shades with single cells.


New Innovations in Plantation Shutters


Newer styles of plantation shutters are hitting the market with larger louvers that are 4.5 inches wide. The increase in the slat size gives you a cleaner appearance with fewer lines to look much more streamlined than the traditional size louvers in 2.5 or 3.5 inches. Another innovation in plantation shutters is that the bar on the shutter’s front is being removed and a hidden tilt rod is in place to adjust the louvers instead. You can tilt the louver with your hands or you can use a remote control or a smart app for your motorized innovative shutters.


What are the Top Window Treatment Styles for 2021?


There are several styles to choose from that will beautify your home and address all of your concerns of energy efficiency, light and heat control, privacy and functionality. Some of the top ideas for 2021 include:


  • All motorized options
  • Energy-efficient cellular shades
  • Drapery panels and soft treatments
  • Hardwood and faux wood blinds
  • Classic and timeless plantation shutters
  • Roller shades


Stylish Roller Shades


Roller shades are always in style and they make a great alternative to blinds. They are easy to operate and work best when they are mounted inside the window frame. Roller shades are generally paired with another soft window treatment such as drapery panels for aesthetic purposes and to control light better. Roller shades work well in windows with thick molding in beautiful designs, as they don’t cover your areas of architectural interest in your home, but instead highlight it.


Delicate Austrian Shades


Austrian shades are gaining in popularity for bedrooms. The identifying feature of an Austrian shade is the puffy festoons on the bottom in a series that gather when you raise them. They add a sense of delicate and traditional glam to any room where you place them.


Popular Colors for Custom Window Treatments in 2021


Interior design experts, as well as trend analysts, report that the emerging color trends for the year will be soft neutrals, monochromatic color pallets and bright nature-inspired elements. There is also a noticeable increase in gray and gray tones in plantation shutters and wood window treatments in cooler and gray-tinted natural brown hues.


Neutral Walls Let Window Treatments Shine


Another popular idea in 2021 is to use a more neutral wall paint color while using brighter elements in a room including window treatments to make them the star that shines. This is also a great move because you can change your window treatments to freshen your home and no matter what you choose, they will likely look fantastic with your otherwise neutral tones. Soft neutrals such as natural linen, off-white and light champagne tones will look great on your walls with window treatments in the complementary colors of saturated golds, greens inspired by nature and lovely coral tones.


Living Room Design Trends for 2021


A popular living room design is going down the monochromatic route to include wall paint, window treatments and shades all in the same color family. This by no means suggests that the entire room is in one exact color as some homeowners may think about and dismiss it quickly. Instead, you can use different hues or tones such as a light tan wall, with a dark tan cellular shade and off-white lovely linen drapery panels. You don’t just have to stick to the neutrals either–you can make a bold design statement in this monochromatic manner with greens or grays or any color you wish.


In addition to being monochromatic, living rooms are slated to having floor-to-ceiling drapery panels. These add a huge statement to a room that has tall ceilings or large windows by making it seem even grander with a definite WOW factor. In addition, drapery rods are being used to make a statement as well with beautifully designed finials on the ends to draw the eye to the height.


Retro Floral Style


The retro floral style is also called Granny Chic. It evokes nostalgia, tradition and comfort as your granny’s home did when you were a child. It’s items like floral wallpaper, vintage couches and crocheted throw blankets. The best way to incorporate it in window treatments is by using soft treatments, such as draperies, valances, Roman shades, or roller shades. Draperies give you the most options available since they are made from a fabric in many types, thicknesses, colors and patterns that can be made into any style you wish. A popular style of drapery panels for 2021 will be the grommet top or the ring top panels in a layered style with a shade or blind in each window. Roman shades are also made of fabric and can be flat or a soft fold style. You can also have Roman shades in a top-down bottom-up style so you can lift the bottom; raise the top or both to control your lighting precisely in any room.




Tips for Choosing Window Treatments


There are several tips that designers will gladly share with you when you are choosing new window treatments. If you want custom window treatments, your designer will make certain that you choose something that is not just a trend and will need replacing in a year or so–unless that is what you want.


Be Careful with Color


Fabrics with bold patterns and trending colors can be a lot of fun if you plan to replace them when the trends change so they don’t look dated. Draperies are the best idea to use so you can easily change them out as you wish without the need to buy all new window treatments. You can easily opt to use a statement fabric in a layered effect on a window and if you lose your love for it, just change that one layer out. This is much better than having the color of the year on your plantation shutters which is costly to replace after the newness had faded.


Goodbye to the Busy Body


You can create great visual interest when you combine several colors, patterns and textures in a room, although too much variety in one room looks very busy and can make your space feel very cluttered instead of comfortable and inviting. In one window, you should limit yourself to one or two textures, an understated fabric pattern and a simple valance for your best look.


Cutting the Cord


Believe it or not, after all the controversy of cords on blinds, you can still find some blinds that have cords. Not only do cordless blinds make it much safer for children, grandchildren, and pets by eliminating a choking hazard, but they look great, are easy to operate and there are no ugly dangling cords. Another great advantage of cordless options is that they always open evenly because you grasp the center of the bottom rail and either raise or lower them to the height you wish. We all remember the corded versions that would raise higher on one end than the other, so you would let them down and try again—-this was called the frustration of the day. In addition, you can also add motorization to your blinds to make them more functional and convenient.


No matter what type of change you want to see in 2021 when you choose to have custom window treatments, you have chosen the most versatile window treatments possible. The sky is the limit!!