Building a New House? Know the Top 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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So you’re thinking about constructing a new home! Congratulations! Although this is an exciting period, it should also be approached with caution.

Planning a new build home in Scottsdale can provide many exciting possibilities. With the right Scottsdale interior design solutions, you can have the dream home you’ve always wanted by customizing every feature for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Of course, building a new home presents many challenges. Unfortunately, people often go into building their new homes without a clear plan or budget in mind. We’ll explore the common mistakes you should avoid when creating a new house. Read on to find out more about what you should watch out for!

1. Not Having a Budget

Sometimes, soon-to-be homeowners prefer “working as they go” with an open-ended budget. However, unless money is truly no issue for you, you should have a budget to strictly follow. This budget can include items like:

● Building materials

● Furniture and decorations

● HVAC units

● Features like custom window treatments

● At least some luxury items

● The cost of hiring a Scottsdale interior decorator

Of course, you may need to adapt and modify your budget, so it’s a good idea to overestimate your costs. Underestimating your budget or not having one in the first place is a huge mistake.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home in Scottsdale_Budget Costs

2. Choosing the Wrong Location

When planning a new build home in Scottsdale, remember it’s a permanent decision. Unlike an apartment, you can’t simply pack up and leave if you don’t like an area. You should take the time to consider where to build your home.

However, you must also take into account considerations beyond temporary needs. For example, a house close to plenty of party spots, bars, nightclubs, etc., might be ideal for a bachelor or a childless married couple.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to have children in the future, you may want a place close to schools and parks in a safe neighborhood. A location close to your work may also play a factor.

3. Bad Space Planning

Precise planning is more than aesthetics; it’s also about overall functionality. Every little detail matters.

For example, do you need a walk-in closet when a smaller one works fine? How many bathrooms, bedrooms, storage spaces, etc., do you need? Does every bedroom need its own coat closet or bathroom?

Finally, do you need features like an inground pool, an outdoor kitchen, or a wine cellar? You should ask these questions when planning a new build home in Scottsdale.

It’s tempting to add as many bells and whistles as possible. However, extra features create additional costs, minimize available space, and may offer no actual functionality. You can always upgrade your home in the future.

Add Enough Details When Building a New House

4. Not Adding Enough Details

While you don’t want to get crazy with a new build home in Scottsdale, you shouldn’t skimp on features.

You may not need an inground infinity pool or a zen garden with a gazebo (at least not yet!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some luxuries. When budgeting, consider including small amenities like:

● A walk-in pantry

● Vaulted ceilings

● Wide walkways

● Dimmer switches

● Fireplaces

Custom window treatments

Once you’ve added or built in all your necessities and minor luxuries, you can see if there’s room in your budget for items like a spa bath or hot tub.

5. Not Thinking About Where to Place Certain Rooms

Planning a new build home in Scottsdale also requires considering where to place certain rooms. Some areas, like multiple bathrooms or bedrooms, may not require a precise location.

An area like your kitchen should be near your home’s main entry point. It should also easily connect to critical areas like your dining room and main living area.

You may also need to strategically place your main or master bedroom if your home is one-story. A master bedroom near noisy areas like a living room, garage, kitchen, etc., can cause various disturbances.

Traditional Cave Creek living room

6. Not Knowing When to Call a Scottsdale Interior Decorator

Finally, when you build a new home in Scottsdale, you should know when to call an interior designer or decorator.

The right person or team can elevate your dream home to new heights. Many Scottsdale interior design solutions exist, but discovering them yourself takes time, research, and planning.

An interior decorator or designer can jump in and do the research for you. Their goal isn’t to take over your project but to pinpoint and implement new insights.

Give Amy Wolff Interiors a Call Today

When planning a new build home in Scottsdale, it’s important to find a reliable interior designer to help ensure everything goes according to plan.

Scottsdale, AZ, residents can avoid these six mistakes and others by reaching Amy Wolff Interiors.

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