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Boring Blinds? Why Scottsdale Loves Cornices & Layering Designs

Tired of your boring, but very functional blinds, and shades?  Want to add a contemporary, custom look to your rooms? Try adding some window cornices! VERY popular in our more casual desert homes, cornices can also be “dressed up” BIG TIME if you prefer more traditional or formal styles, or even just to add some fun “bling!” to your rooms.

The benefits of cornices are many… These can be custom made for virtually any window, any size, any décor style – the fabric and trim choices are unlimited!

Cornices are available to everyone – from very affordable…some crafty DIYers can make these themselves – to super luxurious, custom made and installed for you!

Cornices can be VERY creative… Whether fabric, leather or wood…cornices can be embellished with BIG trim, lattice work, metal accents, clavos or nail heads, buttons, “jewelry,” padded/quilted theme designs…anything  and everything!

Best of all, cornices are maintenance free!!

Once installed, cornices require no fussing or “dressing” of the treatment. These can be vacuumed or feather dusted every so often without worry!

Trilogy Verde River Cornices

The Art of Layering is The Utmost in Functionality

Layering window treatments gives you tons of choices in fabrics, hard treatments and soft treatments to make your windows functional and create your own distinct style in the process. The good news is that the first step in layering window coverings is the blind or shade on the window–and you already have that part done. So next on to the other types of treatments to add to your windows.

Layering Treatments 101

The entire layering process is based on having two or more window treatments in each window and mixing them so you have some contrast but the two styles can’t clash. Your existing blinds or shades are likely in a neutral color, which is great so you can use a multitude of layering products to soften your windows and give them contrast at the same time. You can choose a print in your soft window treatments if your existing first layer–being your blinds or shades are a solid color. You can also feel adventurous and mix two prints—but keep in mind, one needs to be a small print and the other should be a large print with some of the same color palates. A great example of this is a bold floral print and a thin pinstripe for a light and airy appearance perhaps in a bathroom or kitchen window.

Layering Sheer and Solid Panels

When you layer sheer and solid panels, you give your project visual fullness and softness in the layers. The sheer panel should be used as your first layer over your blinds or shades and then the solid drapery panels will be at the front. You can open the drapery panels and the shades or blinds open to have filtered light in your space. Instead, you may close all of the window treatments in order to keep the hot Arizona mid day sun out of your spaces for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Layering Roman Shades and Draperies

This is a timeless and classic window treatment option of layering. Both are considered soft window treatments so you can’t go wrong. A great combination is light filtering Roman shades for the daytime and blackout drapery panels for nighttime. Remember that your Roman shades leave a bit of light on both sides of them because they mount inside the window casing. Adding drapery panels on the sides will also block this light and heat from your space. You can create a minimalist decor with the Roman shades and drapery panels made from the same fabric to blend in with the surroundings. In the other direction, you can try a printed Roman shade and draperies in a sold and coordinating color.

Layering Draperies and Cellular Shades or Roller Shades

If your existing window treatments are cellular or roller shades, you have many choices when you add custom drapery panels to them. Cellular shades are a great choice for hot and arid climates here to seal out the heat from your home and give you great energy efficiency. Cellular shades by themselves are a contemporary window treatment, but you can add drapery panels to them to work in any window you have. This technique works best with a patterned drapery panel and a solid color cellular shade.

The combination of roller shades and draperies give you a sleek and neat appearance. You can choose a solid roller shade and a printed fabric for your drapery panels–or again have two prints with one being larger than the other has and the other being delicate.

Layering Drapery Panels and Blinds

This is one of the most classic window treatments. It’s perfect for traditional areas or formal areas such as formal dining rooms and polished living rooms. If you have white blinds, you can choose a fabric for the draperies in any color or print as long as it isn’t white or cream color.

Layering Woven Wood Shades and Draperies

A style in this combination is very relaxed and it can add a pop of color and texture to your home or business. Woven wood shades are available in hundreds of color combinations and pair very well with any drapery panels that you like, just as long as your drapery fabric is not too busy.

These ideas can help you to decide what type of window treatments will dress your existing blinds or shades up and add your own creativity and touch to any window.

SO…Isn’t it time for you to dress up those windows?

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