5 Questions to Ask an Interior Designer Before Hiring Them

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Interior designers can turn your home into an extension of your personality. They help you find the best furnishings and decorations for your residences while setting everything up to match your unique style. However, many people don’t know what questions to ask before hiring their interior designer in Scottsdale, AZ.

The interior designing experts at Amy Wolff Interiors are here to help.

Amy Wolff Interiors is one of Scottsdale, AZ’s leading interior design firms. We specialize in residential interior design services and have helped countless residents improve their homes without putting unnecessary stress on their finances. Our team put together a brief guide to teach you what questions you should ask your Scottsdale interior designer before committing to their services.

1. How Would You Describe Your Interior Design Style?

Many interior designers in Scottsdale specialize in a specific style. Some focus on traditional designs, while others emphasize more modern interiors. You always want to ensure that your design specialist can construct your vision before hiring them to decorate your home.

If you haven’t decided on a particular design or interior layout, it’s best to interview multiple designers until you find one with a style you enjoy.

There are numerous interior designs to choose from, including:

  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Eclectic
  • Romantic
  • Serene
  • Fresh Provincial

2. What Are Your Rates, and Will You Work with My Budget?

One of the first questions you should ask your potential interior designer is how much they charge. You want someone who will work with your budget without sacrificing quality. Explain to them your vision and see if they will provide you with an estimate to ensure their rates don’t surpass your financial means.

It’s also essential to ask your interior designer if they charge a flat rate, work by the hour, or take a percentage of the project’s cost. Most people prefer a flat rate, so they don’t get stuck with an outrageous bill after completing the project. However, if you have a small project that won’t take long to finish, you may want to consider an hourly designer.

3. Do You Have Extensive Experience and Reputable Credentials?

Most people want an experienced interior designer that can handle any project they throw their way. If you hire a design specialist without asking about their experience or credentials, you could get stuck with someone who isn’t qualified for the task.

Some interior design projects don’t require extensive experience. If you need help with a small, rudimentary task, you could save some money by hiring a less experienced designer. Just remember to check their portfolio and work references to ensure they can manage the project.

4. What Interior Design Services Do You Provide?

Interior design is a relatively large field that covers numerous services. Many specialists focus on a specific area of interior design. One might specialize in design concepts, while another emphasizes project management.

Below are some of the most common interior design services.

  • Design consultation
  • Site assessment and measurement
  • Space planning
  • Design concepts
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Project management

Always ensure your interior designer qualifies for your specific needs before committing to their services.

5. Will You Work on My Project, or Will You Hire a Team?

Some designers work with a team to complete projects rather than handling everything themselves. If your designer is a part of a design crew, ensure the entire team understands your vision and qualifies for the job. You want every member on the same page as you to guarantee you receive exactly what you desire.

Always try to build a rapport with your design team and keep them informed on your vision.

Experienced and Reliable Interior Designers in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you need a professional interior design team that always makes you their number one priority, contact Amy Wolff Interiors. We can handle all your interior design needs at a price that fits your budget. Our interior designers will make your dream home a reality while providing outstanding customer service every step of the way.

Don’t trust inexperienced interior designers with your next interior design project. Contact the Amy Wolff Interiors team by calling (480) 780-1367 and schedule your appointment today!

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