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Are You Confused About Window Treatments?

How To Make the Right Choices

Summer in Arizona is right around the corner…so it’s the time of year when my phone starts ringing with slightly panicked clients worried that their naked windows are going to allow too much heat in their homes, their electric bills will skyrocket, and their furnishings may fade!

There is no question about it – custom window treatments are a BIG investment – one where you surely don’t want to make a mistake! And since this is a big investment, my #1 requirement is that you LOVE what you choose!  For those who are confused about window treatments, here’s all the info you need to make the right choices – without panic or pain!

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To keep out the summer Arizona sun and provide privacy as needed – we still need to discuss function. Blinds, shades, and shutters are the “first layer” and can provide as much or as little opacity and/or room darkening as your situation requires – these are known as hard treatments.

Draperies and fabric shades can also provide the same functionality. Since these are made of fabric, we refer to these window treatments as soft treatments. When you choose draperies and fabric shades, you are making a choice that has the most possibilities in color, texture, patterns and functionality. We have literally thousands of fabrics from which to choose as well as decorative trim and a large variety of headers too. The headers are the manner in which drapery panels hang from the drapery rods. This can be any type from super informal to ultimately formal and everywhere in between.  

All of these choices and styles are highly customizable – designed to fit your windows perfectly!  So, to narrow down the choices, we simply need to figure out what fits your situation best.

How to Choose? Here’s A Checklist…

  • What direction do the windows face? How extreme is the sunlight?
  • Do you require or prefer room darkening or blackout shades (for sleeping or watching TV)? In this case,  you can consider layering treatments, heavier fabrics or a liner on your window treatments.
  • How “good” are your windows? If the windows are fairly new, chances are these have more reflective, insulating, and UV blocking properties than older windows so you may decide on a lighter window treatment and still have energy efficient windows.
  • How often will you open and close the window coverings – several times per day/month/year? Are the windows easy to reach or do these require motorization? This helps us determine suitable controls for your situation. (BTW…motorization has become MUCH more affordable these days!  And NO more changing batteries!  We offer rechargeable options that only require a charge once a year – these plug in like your phone!) If  you have children or pets in your home, you can consider motorization or cordless window treatment solutions for safety and complete peace of mind.
  • What direction do your windows and doors open – up/down, left/right?
  • How deep are your window sills? This helps determine whether the window treatments can be mounted inside the sills or outside the sills (on the wall). You have many choices in each type of mounting orientation.
  • Have you looked at photos to see what styles appeal to you? Are you more modern, casual, traditional, or formal? It helps to gather some photos of items you really love. Our expert design team can recreate any look that you love or use the same design and offer you many more choices in fabrics to suit your exact needs.
  • Do you prefer window treatments that fully open to the views, or those that filter light with vanes, slats, or sheer fabric?
  • How will the window treatments look from OUTSIDE your home? This doesn’t mean that they all need to be the same, but they do need complement each other. And if you have a persnickety Scottsdale HOA, be certain of their requirements for street side window treatments.
  • Have you determined a budget? A suitable budget consists of what you can afford to invest, what you are comfortable spending, how long you plan to stay in the home, and the value of your home – this is an investment that does increase the value of your home.

Decorative Custom Window Treatments

I have said it many times – and it is worth saying again – my #1 way to change the look of an entire room is with custom window treatments. Plain or fancy, simple or extravagant – no matter your style or budget – I will show you how!

There are window treatments to suit any budget – and we are expert at helping you determine what makes sense for your situation – as well as “value engineering” where to spend and where to save! Call Amy at 480-683-0200 to help solve your window treatment dilemmas.

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