8 Best Arched Window Treatment Ideas

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An arched window may be a single window with an arch at the top of it can be a bank of rectangular windows with a single arch above them and in the middle. Arched windows in any home are very beautiful as an architectural detail and even more so if they frame a great outside view of mountains or a lovely flower garden. Custom window treatments can really highlight this architectural sight even more to embrace their beauty. You do have several options when you choose custom window coverings.

Best Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Perfect arched windows can be covered in almost any way that you cover a traditional shaped window. You can really highlight the design and make it a memorable focal point in the room. If you have more than one arched window in a living room or a great room on an open floor plan, then you have the most latitude to make them amazing and truly shine. You can choose from many different designs using fabric which gives you the most choices ever. Some of the designs include:

  • Valances
  • Sheer Panels
  • Curtains
  • Swag Curtains
  • Draperies
  • Side Panels
  • Cornices
  • Motorization

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1. Valances

Valances are top treatments that cover only a portion of a window at the top of it. This style can be used as an additional window treatment in layering or it can be a stand-alone treatment if you wish. You can choose a delicately lacy fabric in a solid color to work in any room with any decor. The top of the custom valance will frame the arch on the top of the window to highlight the design. Instead of a flat valance that is straight across on the bottom hem and lacks fullness, choose something more exciting to get the wow factor. A scalloped hem at the bottom gives extra depth to the window. An inverted pleat valance gives you a structured appearance in a more formal setting. You can also choose to have a pleated valance in many styles, such as the pinch pleat, goblet pleat, tailored pleat or box pleat, and many more.

2. Sheer Panels

If your arched window or windows face a direction that doesn’t get a lot of sun, you may opt for sheer panels to cover the entire window or just the top of the window. Sheer panels are light filtering when they are closed so you will block most of the glare and UV rays. When opened, you will have a perfect view of the great outdoors. Sheer panels are generally in a solid color, but that doesn’t state that you can’t have a lot of personality in your custom sheer panels. Sheer fabrics are available in lovely patterns to match your decor and your style too. There are medallions, butterflies, stripes, geometric shapes, plaids and florals, and many more from which to choose.

3. Curtains

You may decide to dress your arched windows with curtains. The custom arch is followed at the top as with the valance and then the curtain panels hang down to cover the window. You can have the length of the curtains reach to the floor no matter where the bottom of the window sill actually is to make the window really stand out and to make your room appear even taller. You can choose from solid colors, patterns, or any thickness of the fabric you wish to have custom curtains made for you.

4. Swag Curtains

Swag curtains can also frame a specialty-shaped window very well. You have a huge amount of design possibilities in the manner that they hang and the appearance. A swag curtain will cover the top of the arch and then it will gracefully hang down on each side of the window. You can choose to use tiebacks on the sides to leave the window open on the bottom. Tiebacks don’t have to be just a piece of the same cloth either. You can choose lovely types of hardware for the tiebacks to attach to such as metallic or wooden medallions instead of simple hooks to support the tiebacks on the wall. Swag curtains are exceptionally beautiful when you add some decorative tape to the bottom hem at the top of the window and repeat the decorative tape on the tie-backs and bottoms of the swag sides. This really ties in all of the features of a swag curtain on an arched window.

5. Draperies

Draperies are much like curtains and many people use the terms interchangeably, however, draperies are usually made from thicker and more luxurious fabrics. Drapery panels can be arched at the top to follow the design of the window, or they can be mounted at the height of the ceiling and have more tailored lines with the top being straight across horizontally, like a traditional window treatment. Since the drapery panels may not be as eye-catching if you choose a solid color, you can really dress up the window by using a highly decorative drapery rod at the top with fabulous finales on the ends. Drapery rods are available in metallic shades as well as finely carved and stained wood designs.

6. Side Panels

Fabric side panels are much like a pair of drapes or drapery panels. There are a set of two side panels per window and as the name implies, they are on each of the two sides of the window. Generally, side panels are non-functional and remain on the sides of the window. On an arched window, side panels will frame the sides in a lovely manner without covering up or hiding any portion of your beautiful arched windows. They add a simple yet elegant style to any room and you can choose to echo a pop of color that you already have in the room to tie them in perfectly.

7. Cornices

Window cornices are made of a wooden customizable frame and then covered with padding and fabric of your choice. You can have any design that looks pleasing to you as the cornice is custom. A simple flat cornice is straight across on the bottom and top and is often used on traditionally shaped windows, however, you can have an arched cornice to cover the arch at the top of the window to accent the design. Instead, if you have room above the arched window on the wall below the ceiling, you can have an arched cornice mounted above the window that follows the lines of your archway. There are hundreds of designs to choose from with scallops on the bottoms and intricately shaped bottoms.

8. Motorization

Many times arched windows are found in homes with very tall ceilings and the windows themselves are up high on the walls. It would be difficult to open and close any type of functional window treatment when you need a ladder, chair, or stool to reach the area needed. You have a great solution to this in motorization. You can have your functional window treatment of choice motorized so you can open and close your window coverings with the touch of a button on the remote control or from a smartphone. The motor and its app synchronize with your smart home assistant too, so you only need to say “Alexa, close the drapes” and voila they will close for you. This also makes it less time-consuming than opening and closing all of your draperies as most people open them in the morning for a while and then close them at night before bed. You can program your system to open and close your window treatments on a schedule and they can even open or close partially.

Design Tips

Several different designer tips can help you decide on how you want to treat your arched windows. Each different style of window treatment can be mounted differently to give you a different perspective in your room with arched windows.

Cover What's Necessary

DSC00265 Edit

If you want to highlight your arched windows, then you most likely don’t want to cover the actual arch on it. Depending on how much light and heat comes in your window, you may decide to only cover the window below the arch and leave the arch open. This is accomplished with a pair of curtains or drapery panels on a drapery rod that is mounted across the top of the bottom rectangular part of the window.

Follow the Curve

Bar room

You may at first think the best way to highlight your architectural beauty is to leave it open, but it can be absolutely breathtaking when you do cover it in designer fabric. The idea is to highlight the curve by either covering it with a functional window treatment, swag, or a cornice. When done correctly the arch may also be covered with a non-functional fabric in a beautiful and timeless design that frames the arch and stops at the top of the rectangle on the window.

Mix it Up

Bar room CU

Why not have two layers of window treatments for your arched windows? The top treatment can be non-functional with a bottom treatment on a drapery rod below the arch. The top covering the arch will most probably be stationary and the bottom part will be functional to close in the heat of the day. You might consider fabric Roman shades in the soft fold design for this idea because the folds when raised give you crisp and clean lines.

Which Arched Window Treatments Do You Like?

You can never go wrong with any type of fabric window treatment. They can be anywhere from classic and timeless to whimsical and fun and everywhere in between. Maybe you prefer a clean and crisp appearance.

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No matter what your design style is, Amy Wolff Interiors can help you achieve all of your goals and make your home wow-worthy. Let's discuss all of your design options!

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