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7 Best Window Treatment Trends for 2022: Never Goes Out of Style

Out with The Old and In With The New

The year 2022 is the new start of a new decade. As such, many people are seeking to change up their custom window treatments in Scottsdale and find new ideas that are hot. Some styles are always great, and some features are also making a big comeback.

Custom Window Treatment Trends in Scottsdale for 2022

Interior design is constantly evolving, and custom window treatments are no exception to this rule. If you want to transform your home, a new window treatment could be exactly what you need. You can read on to discover some new custom window treatment trends that will be very popular in 2022. It will help you to develop a stylish home that’s also functional enough for everyday living and enjoyment.

1. Window Shades Are Here To Stay

You can say goodbye to any metal mini blinds and choose a stylish window shade instead. Shades will always remain a great option in your window coverings, and they will never go out of style. Window shades are made of fabric, giving you thousands of choices in textures, colors, patterns, and intricate designs. Shades fit inside of your window frame in the same manner as blinds do, and the addition of lovely fabric looks great in any home. The most popular shades for 2022 are Roman shades. This style has been a popular option for quite some time, making a major comeback this year. You can opt for a classic roller shade instead of a Roman shade, although Roman shades are more of a “grown-up” treatment in which you can make many choices to define a room as casual or as formal as you like.

2. Velvet Drapery is Back In

Velvet is going to make a big comeback in 2022. It’s great for anything from upholstery to accent pillows and ultra-luxurious in drapery panels. It’s thick and soft, and you can find it in many bold and solid colors and playful patterns too. Velvet gives your home a touch of texture and visual depth to any space. You can make a room look larger by hanging velvet drapery panels from the ceiling to the floor. It gives the illusion of a bigger space even if the windows behind the draperies are much smaller. You can choose a color that will stand out with vibrant colors of jeweled tones. Alternatively, you may wish to add soft, velvet draperies in a neutral hue, such as tan or gray, to soften the appearance of your space. Velvet draperies make a huge statement piece when hung in spacious windows as a formal dining room or living room.

Velvet Drapery Window Treatment

3. High Tech and Convenience Window Treatments

As a modern homeowner of today, you are not only looking for beautiful window treatments, but you are likely seeking out functionality and convenience. When it comes to the latest custom window treatments for 2022, you can expect to see many automated options. Motorized blinds and shades will allow you to control your light level with the touch of a button. You may use a remote control or a smartphone with the app to control all of your window coverings. This type of innovation is especially great if you have tall windows or just a lot of windows in your home, as you won’t have to walk to each one to open and close the window treatments. You can also program preset times in your existing security systems for your window coverings to open and close automatically. You can add motorized window treatments in Scottsdale to just about any window treatment you choose. The addition of automation makes you a smart homeowner with a smart home.

4. Tone on Tone Layering

The tone-on-tone color pairing will be a big hit in custom window treatment trends in 2022. This concept is to choose a few colors for your home instead of several colors that can be overwhelming. You choose the color and vary your tones in layers of window treatments. This can be achieved d with a shade or blind for the base level and then adding drapery panels in another tone. Of course, this is also very energy efficient to save on your heating and cooling bills all year round. The more layers you add, the more insulating factor you will achieve.

5. Pastel Neutrals

When most people think of neutrals, their brain sees shades of gray, white, and cream. But neutrals go so much farther into a large spectrum of colors. Soft coral, lavender, blush, and light mint green are some great examples of neutral tones that tickle your visual senses in unexpected and subtle ways. This works well when you choose a basic blind in a neutral color with a hint of something extra for a lot of impacts. It can be a pastel-toned fabric or a textile with several different tones woven into the fabric to add texture to your window treatments.

6. The New Indoor Garden

If you love the outdoors and your plants, you will be happy to know that the indoor garden themes will be a bit hit in window treatment trends in 2022. These are not your old floral prints but garden-inspired fabrics with leaves, branches, and other outside items. These are fun textile that is a refreshing alternative to classic florals, which can be overly feminine. It doesn’t have to be green fabric, either. You have many choices of fabrics in this style. Woven wood window shades topped with garden-inspired drapery panels make a wonderful combination.

7. Bold Design Statements

You can make a huge impact without having shockingly bright or bold colors in your window treatments. For example, after you choose your fabric and style for drapery panels, dress them up with formality in the header, such as pinch pleats or goblet pleats at the top, to gather the fabric and have it fall gracefully to the floor in a pool. You can also go bold with your drapery hardware, available in many different materials, sizes, and appearances, from very grand to basic.

These window treatment trends for 2022 are the styles you should be aware of before deciding what type of window coverings you want. You have many options when choosing custom window treatments in Scottsdale, and you can design them to suit your needs for shading, privacy, and beauty in one package.

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