5 Current Trends That Guide the Most Influential Scottsdale Interior Designers

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As the real estate market booms, many Scottsdale residents want to breathe new life into their homes. Scottsdale interior designers have sought new ways to utilize space and meet the aesthetic needs of a changing community. Consulting an experienced professional interior designer helps the design process go smoothly and prevents costly mistakes.

Insights From Experienced Scottsdale Interior Decorators

Let’s look at just a few cutting-edge trends in Scottsdale, Arizona, interior design right now. As you peruse our list, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine your current living space. How could each of these design elements unlock something new in your home?

How could these concepts reflect the emotional core of your connection to your home? Don’t worry if you don’t have the answer right now. Our design team will work with you to find ways for your home to reach its full potential. For a modern look that will remain trendy and functional in a post-COVID world, turn to Amy Wolff Interiors.

#1. The Multifunctional Space

A conventional design that we see so often in older, traditional homes is compartmentalization. Each room, from the kitchen to the living room or parlor, has its purpose. The orderly world of a 1950s family drama lies miles away from the lives of families in the 2020s.

Today’s family is dynamic. People depend on their homes for more than they used to. Does your home have room for a home office? A meditation space? It can if you use your space effectively.

A home office by day can transition seamlessly into a game room by night. An open concept living room can become a yoga and exercise room with the kids away at school. We have limitless opportunities as long as we see the rooms in our homes fulfilling more than their usual roles.

#2. Extreme Minimalism

The concept of extreme minimalism may have grown out of Marie Kondo’s approach to decluttering. Perhaps it arose from a new, post-COVID appreciation of what we view as most important in our lives. Whatever its origins, extreme minimalism is currently trending for new homes and home remodels.


If you feel confined in your house, decluttering could be an effective and trendy way to reclaim some physical space and breathing room.

Custom Accents

A design that focuses attention on the central themes in your life can provide balance and simplicity, traits that some find hard to come by in a complex world.

Window Treatments, Scottsdale

Windows add light and aesthetic focus to a room. Window treatments allow the beauty of the Scottsdale landscape to permeate the house without adding clutter.

As established Scottsdale interior designers, we have a strong sense of the community’s values. We have experience helping families discover the heart of their homes. Whether through an inspirational painting in your home office, a dog-eared recipe book on your windowsill, or a signed jersey adorning your game room, we’ll find the centerpiece of each room.

#3. Flexible & Recreative Spaces

Gone are the days when family entertainment meant piling onto the couch and fighting over the TV remote. People now use their homes for enjoyment in a variety of new and imaginative ways. Smart technology—and changes in how we define recreation—have led homeowners to expect recreation areas that serve many roles.

Does anyone in your family do any of the following activities?

  • Run a vlog or podcast
  • Dance (on TikTok or elsewhere)
  • Host game nights through Zoom or FaceTime
  • Use virtual or augmented reality for recreation

If so, we can help you create spaces that serve your needs without taking space away from other activities. By combining the concepts of minimalism and multifunctionality, we can make sure that the practical side of running a family still leaves room to satisfy your need for play.

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#4. Smart & Multifunctional Furniture

Scottsdale interior designers need to be early adopters of smart technology. Interconnected computer technology throughout the home can create multifunctionality and make the most of a minimalist design scheme.

A host of devices, from smart TVs to personal assistant hubs, stand ready to guide modern homeowners through their days. If we choose them with care, we can position these devices to help, not obstruct, the flow of our daily lives. If we design our home with smart devices in mind, we can work them seamlessly into the design concept to get the most use out of every room without sacrificing the look and feel.

#5. Earthy Tones

The sterile whites of the 2010s are passé in an age that has had enough of sterility and isolation. Many Scottsdale homeowners want to reclaim the grandeur and warmth of natural spaces. Echoing the aspirations of young baby boomers a half-century ago, people today want the down-to-earth sincerity of wood, stone, and earth.

If you’re looking for an earthy look that has both vintage and modern elements, turn to Amy Wolff Interiors for rustic, contemporary, and luxury interior remodeling.

We’ll help you recapture the ideals and the memories of a bygone era and bring the natural world to life in your home. At the same time, we’ll customize your color scheme and organizational concept in new ways to create a look that captures today’s trends but is wholly your own.

Final Thoughts

Modern interior design in Scottsdale challenges us to question everything we knew about interior design even a decade ago. The best Scottsdale interior designers have the flexibility and depth of knowledge to create designs that use space in new ways that can be retro without being clichéd.

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