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Awesome 10 Summer Decluttering Tips To Get Your Home & Office In Shape

It is hot out there, so now is the perfect time of year to do some indoor organizing!  Even a perfectly decorated home looks less than perfect if it is cluttered. Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) experts and many organizational studies show that reducing clutter makes a home less stressful, more productive, more prosperous, and more harmonious. Here are some quick summer de-cluttering tips for getting your home (and office) in shape!

10 Great Summer Decluttering Tips!

  1. Make a list of the organizing tasks that you want to accomplish in the next month.  You are more likely to complete something if you write it down.
  2. Set a timer and speed clean. Set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and go to town. If you’re really on a roll when the bell rings, set it again!  Instead of letting things pile up for a week (or more!), and then doing a huge, day-long clean-up, just do a few minutes at the same time each day.  
  3. Love it or leave it!  If an item isn’t used or loved, throw it away, give it away, or donate it.  To make this even easier, just pick 5 things to give away, right away. 
  4. Put things where you use them.  Follow your natural habits.  If you keep your hamper near where you get undressed, your clothing will end up there!  Use those high kitchen cabinets for little-used and holiday items.
  5. Rearrange your counters.  Start by clearing everything off your countertops and replacing only the items you use daily. Then, choose just a few pretty items to display.  The same goes for those dust
  6. collecting cabinet top items – many people could reduce those items by half!
  7. Rearrange your coffee table with books, a tray or basket, and a vase of flowers to give it a whole new or seasonal look. (Why do we only do this at holiday time?)
  8. Organize your books.  Just like the counter, it is best if you clear everything off each shelf.  You don’t need to commit to doing the whole bookcase – just start with a few shelves.
  9. Use pretty containers.  Wherever there is a pile of paper, books, magazines, etc., store it in something attractive.  Instead of seeing clutter, you will see beautiful accessories.
  10. Use all available space for storage.  Rather than leaving items out in full view, look for options to store your stuff.  Plastic boxes under the bed and wall unit cabinets are often neglected spaces.
  11. Organize your home office!  We all have a lot of stuff out on our desktops and work areas. Find places to store those items that you don’t use often – you will be much more productive!

Ready for a break?  Go outside in the (hot) fresh air, cool off in the pool, then organize the outdoor area, too.  Just arranging chairs and pillows, deadheading tired flowers, and sweeping those sandy or dusty spots will make everything feel much fresher! If you are in need of an interior designer and decorator in the Scottsdale area, Amy Wolf Interiors is here to help you make the best choices that suit your style.

A little organizing effort goes a long way.  Give your home (and your mood!) a chance to shine this summer. 

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