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10 Spring Décor Ideas to Brighten Your Scottsdale Home

Got the Tax Time Blues or Bliss?

Ughhh…it’s that time of year again – tax time! How did you do with your taxes? Got the tax time blues, or bliss?  Most everyone agrees that doing this annual chore is just no fun – regardless of the outcome.  So whether you are singing the blues or celebrating your refund – here are some spring décor ideas to brighten your home and snap out of the tax time blues!

Spring is a time of renewal of all things in nature and it is also a great time to make some updates to your home and brighten it up to make it cheery.

The Budget Version

Buy yourself some flowers. Cheer yourself up with some flowers. Choose an inexpensive grocery store bouquet, a celebratory arrangement, or even go get those annuals planted outdoors before it gets much warmer in Arizona!

Kitchen Remodel Scottsdale two tone

Rearrange your cocktail table, china cabinet, or dresser.  Go through your closets and other storage areas.  See what you have that you may have forgotten about.  Put out books, vases, candles, or anything that brings you joy!

Clear something out.  De-cluttering is good Feng Shui!  It sounds like a chore, but don’t make it one.  Pick that one closet or junk drawer that has been bugging you and get it done – it really is satisfying!  Rooms just “feel” better after being spring cleaned of clutter.  Feng Shui dictates that ridding our physical space of clutter also clears our minds, relieves stress, and makes room for prosperity!

Clean something.  The same Feng Shui rules apply here, too! It is still gorgeous outside, so sweep or hose off the patios, add some flowers, and get some bright new toss pillows for the outdoor furniture.  You will feel great when the outdoors look great!

Freshen up with new items.  Treat yourself to something new you’ve been meaning to buy – fresh towels for the bath or kitchen, some funky outdoor glassware, maybe some new lampshades or throw rugs?  Whatever makes you happier and sunnier!

The “Woo-Hoo I Got a Refund” Version

Well, this isn’t exactly winning the lottery. I have read lots of articles about the average refund people received the last several years – it was around $3,000.  Not shabby.  But not necessarily life changing either.  If one of your goals is to invest your refund in your home, here are some more ideas.

Make minor home improvements.  New carpeting, fresh paint, or new appliances may be at the top of your list.

Get home repairs done.  Cracked patios or tile, broken blinds, or any of the other annoyances that just haven’t been addressed – what I call the “no fun” stuff that does need to be done.

Update a room or two.  Which rooms do you want to update most?  Think about fresh, new bedding for the master suite, new lamps and accessories for the great room, perhaps new everyday dishes?  What is it that you’ve had your eye on but couldn’t bring yourself to buy? Make it something you will use on a daily basis for maximum enjoyment!

Get that SPECIAL item!  This is the décor item you have been wanting to do. It might even have been a New Year’s resolution – that new chair for the great room, chandelier for the dining room, custom window treatments for the master bedroom, or awesome ottoman for the great room – you get the idea.

Other Decor Ideas For a Spring Update

Another great idea is to go bright!! If you have a room that tends to be on the warm side of a color scheme, such as tones of yellow, brown or red, consider adding some creamy white or ecru accents to it to both cool and brighten your spaces. If your room has cooler colors, such as green or blue, then go with the cleaner whites to give you a crisp and summery effect.

Paint a Focal Wall

You can paint a focal wall in a summer, brighter or lighter shade of your current wall color for a great showstopper. You can add lightness or darker hues for a lovely change in a bright color. Some of the best colors for focal points include petal pink and sky blue to add a touch of spring in any room.

Bring On The Nature

You can add a lot of interest easily by adding some floral touches indoors. Consider the primary colors you already have in a room and select some decorative pillows for bedrooms and family rooms, chair cushions and a tablecloth or runner for your dining room table.

Glasses Do Double Duty

A little, known decorating trick is achieved with glassware in staging a home for sale. Choose some beautiful glassware in a bright color, such as blue, green or gold. Place the glasses on your dining room table and let the sun it to shine on them and light them up. You will be amazed at the wow factor of this simple idea.

Add Bountiful Blooms

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers each week, you can pot some pansies in a long shallow planter and use them in any room to add color and pizzazz. Pansies have a very long bloom period and take very little care.

Welcoming Your Guests With Spring

Dress up your front door to be very inviting to all who enter your home. Consider a pot of colorful blooms outside the front door–extra points if they have a heady and sweet smell and add a spring wreath on the door. You can even paint your entryway in a bright spring color to really stand out.

Call me for help!  Need help with your home?  Whether a single consultation, help with prioritizing your goals, or creating that special window treatment, I am always happy to help and answer your questions.  Call me – 480-683-0200.

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